Gender Roles in the Elizabethan Era By:phil rock

1. In general, compare and contrast the role of women and me in Elizabethan society? Men were seen as far more superior to women. Women were more responsible for the house while the men did most of the outside and more dangerous work.

2. Who was expected to "look after" the women? Why did the Elizabethans feel that this needed to be done? The woman's male family were lo took after them because they were inferior and completely unintelligent.

3. What types of jobs could women have? What types of jobs could women NOT have? Women could be chefs or housewives. While men did the hard labor and work away from home so they didn't have to.

This woman here is gathering food for the cooking while the husband or male is gone
  • 4. List 3 rights that women in Elizabethan England did not have that women in America have today.
  • Women are not allowed to be involved in medicine and law
  • They were not allowed to act or right publically
  • up until the 1500's, weren't allowed to be educated.

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