Paris Je T'aime Summer of service

Do you know the feeling of seeing something highly anticipated become reality? Do you know the feeling of watching something that once seemed impossible become reality?

Well, these two weeks here in Paris were proof that God is moving and we are beginning to live something different in France. God is searching for the French people and He is starting to pour out more of His Spirit in this nation. We believe this is an answer to the prayers and intercession of many and many generations.

We all came to one conclusion from this time of evangelism: people are softer and more open. This was the first year we could see something with this intensity!

Healing on The Streets

For the second year, some of our team were leading and participating in the ministry Healing On the Streets.

In the afternoon, we went to pray for healing with people in a street close to Bastille and in the evening we joined the rest of the group for performances. What a wonderful team we had. They were all so thirsty to grow and share Christ!

For the evenings, the first week we were in Belleville (the neighborhood where we live) and for the second week we went to the Republic square.

Last year, the police stopped us many evenings and didn't allow us to do our shows because we didn't have the final authorization from the City Hall. This year, even we didn't have the final authorization (it got delayed because of the attack in Nice and the City Hall was worried that something could happen). The first evening in Belleville the police came to say they would be around and if we needed something we could call them. They never tried to stop us, only offered their presence and protection.

That was a huge favor from God and we saw the path being open!


One of the the biggest miracles was to be able to be at the Republic square. It's a place that is really important to the French people and where all the protests happen. We started with Project Dance, a day reserved for dance and manifestation of beauty. We were amazed to see how the arts -in this case dance - can manifest the presence of God. The square was peaceful and we experienced a completely different atmosphere over there. It was beautiful!

Many people were moved and spiritually prepared for the following week of shows we had there.

Every night was a night of miracles! Heaven was open and many people came to check out what was being presented. We have many stories of people staying the whole night watching the shows (3 to 4 hours) and then coming to give their lives to Jesus.

For example, in just one night, one staff from YWAM Paris had the privilege to pray with three people that were receiving Jesus in their heart. And that's something that happened just one night with one person. Imagine every night what the Lord was doing through a team of 70 people sharing Christ. We have many testimonies of healing, restoration and people giving their lives to Jesus.

One testimony from many:

Here is a testimony from one of our staff!

"One night at Belleville, smiled at a young woman, and she came to talk to me. She asked what was happening and I started to share Christ.

She wanted to know more about the Holy Spirit, and we were just next to our group Healing on the Streets. In that moment, some of our team were praying for a Muslim man who had one leg shorter than the other. During my conversation with this woman, we started to read John 14 which talks about the Spirit of truth, that we would not be orphans and that Jesus will come back.

At the same time, the man who was receiving prayer started to shout and everyone around started to celebrate because he felt his leg growing. He was healed!

The woman looked curious to see what was happening and I told her: Oh, his leg has grown! She turned to me and said: Oh, ok! And we finish to reading John 14.

At the end she left with a Bible and shared with a friend: A leg grew!

To end the story, the same man who got healed gave his life to Jesus the same night!"

That's a little taste of what happened these couple of weeks here in Paris!

Thank you for reading.

Be blessed!

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