Parkinson's Disease by: Nathan dettinger

The cause of PD is unknown but scientist have a thought that it is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors, which may vary from person to person.

Genetic markers on chromosome were found to be linked to the PD phenotype in a large kindred with autosomal dominant PD.

The frequency of the common LRRK2 Gly2019Ser mutation was estimated on the basis of data from 24 populations worldwide, and the penetrance of the mutation was defined in 1045 people with mutations in LRRK2 from 133 families. The LRRK2 phenotype was defined on the basis of 59 motor and non-motor symptoms in 356 patients with LRRK2-associated PD and compared with the symptoms of 543 patients with pathologically proven idiopathic PD.

Commercial tests for parkin and alpha-synuclein mutations are now available. they predict that physicians, particularly neurologists, increasingly will be approached for information and referrals regarding genetic testing. To assist patients and their families, physicians will not only need to know when such testing is likely to yield a meaningful result but also be aware of the possible social and emotional consequences of testing.

They kind of found a cure but not really, its more like the treatment that it talked about in the paragrapgh before this, talking about what people can go through from it or to get a small treatment from.

yes it is heritable because it is from the genes/phenotypes that can be passed down, because of that it turned PD into a common disease. it can only be passed down if the disease is dominant in the phenotype/gene of the distributor.

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