Module 1 Unit 1 Lesson 12 The Dinka and Nuer Tribes UNTIL the mid-1980's

Create a New Google Doc titled M1 U1 Lesson 12

Learning Targets

1. I can make and discuss connections from the text "Sudanese Tribes Modern War" to the novel "A Long Walk to Water." (RI 7.2, RI 7.11)

2. I can use context clues to determine word meanings. (L 7.4)

3. I can cite several pieces of text base evidence to support an analysis of excerpts from the article. (RI 7.1)

English Language Learners

1. I can summarize the main idea and supporting details from the text using academic vocabulary. (IV R4 HI8)

2. I can demonstrate the one to one correlation between spoken and printed words. (IV R1E1)

3. I can retell a literary selection by sequencing events using transitions words. (IV R4LI6)

Vocabulary Review

Add a 2x9 chart titled "Vocabulary Review" to your document and fill in with the words and definitions using your own words! DO NOT COPY DICTIONARY DEFINITIONS!


Share our Article Annotations from Lesson 11.

Important Annotations you will want to add in Red:

1. The larger Sudanese civil war war continues (P4)

2. 1991 rebel army began fighting among themselves (P4)

3. Fighting between Nuer and Dinka more violent (P4)

Add "Summary" title to your documents.

Write a summary of the MOST IMPORTANT Main Ideas from excerpt 2.

Work Time

Add a 3x9 chart titled "Gathering Evidence, Excerpt 2."

Complete the Gathering Evidence Chart you made.


Return to the Learning targets and fill out.

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