How to make a candy cane By Ava conley

Stage 1. The first stage to make a candy cane is sugar . First,poor the sugar in the big bowl. The bag of sugar is big and fill up the hole bowl. Next, after you poor the sugar you put in the mix in you put it in the big stir thing. It takes one hole hour for it to finish turnnig white. Finally, you get our red and mix and smooth the red on white.You have to rap it around a few times. This is Stage 1

STAGE 2 First, Smash the candy cane to shape. It takes one sec to shape it. Next, put the foul on the candy cane. It gets out some water from bending.It takes a hole day. Finally, Take of the rap and let it harden up. It takes 48 hours to get hard. That is a hole night and day. This is Stage 2.

STAGE 3 First, rap up the candy cane. So it dose not break in the box.It is so much better not broken. Next, Package the candy canes up in a box.They do not get in store till Christmas. Finally, You can buy candy canes. When you get home you can have a candy cane. Now you can make one any time. Even in the summer. - AVA C.


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