Have you ever stood in the Sun for a while and gotten a sunburn?

Astrotherapy uses astrology as a guide to the transformation of personality, to self-actualization and self-transcendence. Astrology is studied for its power to aid in psychological healing and growth. As far as I know, there are no licensed "astrotherapists." The term is used to refer to counselors and therapists of all sorts who use astrology in their counseling and therapy.

Have you ever stood by the shore and watched the moon pull the tides?

I've found if we walk together for a while we can begin to see the signs and read your map. We will use your Vedic Natal Chart as a entry point and can work deeper from there. Literally the whole known universe is laid out in front of you - through discussion and interpretation we can see it together.

What makes you think the other planets between the Sun and the Moon don't pull and burn also?

​Dharma - Truth, Life's Purpose - Here we work to typecast all humans into 5 basic categories. Through this catorgization we can understand a lot about ourselves. What makes us feel good? What hurts us? How can we move forward in life and how can we answer many of life's major challenges? This knowledge will both work to explain many of your less understood emotions and perspectives, as well as that of the other humans in your lives.

What I have:

A genuine desire to help you move forward in life and a simple way to help you better understand yourself and those around you.

What I'm asking for:

More experiences working with many different people from all walks of life.

Here's how:

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