ABC'S of Africa By Paul Williams

A is for Africa, the second largest continent in the world. Africa also has the biggest savanna in the world.

B is for Baboon, there is about five spices of Baboon they can live up to 20 to 30 years.Also most of the Baboon population is in central Africa is most populated.

The African police are getting up to crime and it declined 1.4 percent according to the recent stats from (SAPS).Also it used to be a big problem in Africa not so much now.
This the biggest desert in the world is the Saharan desert and is 3.6 miles long.And almost as large as the United States.
This is the bacterial of Ebola one of the dangerous diseases of Africa and across the world.
France colonized Africa around 1830.The first war was with France and Western Africa and there were many casualties that day.
Great river valley runs north to south of Kenya.The largest river valley in the world.
This is the paintings in the African heritage that they make.
The rescue team is taking them across the border a different way.
This were the children played African baseball or jeskui. This sport is 270 years old and is still played in some parts of Africa.
The children are watching this man doing the kwaito which is a popular dance in central Africa.
This is the biggest lake in Africa called lake Victoria and second largest fresh water lake behind lake Superior.
This patient has Malaria and is being helped by a doctor, Malaria is a serious disease in Africa.


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