Andorra By: Chas Shefchik Dawson Smith Austin Veeser


Capital: Andorra La Villa

Languages - Catalan - Spanish - French

Located between Spain and France


Discovered - 803 AD

Important Figures - Charlemagne - King Louis Charles II

Events - Charlemagne recovers areas of present day Andorra


Landforms-The country is sounded by the Pyrenees

Major Landmarks-Lots of beautiful churches

Major Bodies Of Water-The Valira River

Major Cities-Its capital Andorra La Villa


Clothing-No distinctive style-Good place to purchase clothing

Holidays-Feast of Virgin Mertixell-Christmas

Feast of Virgin Mertixell-Eat outside-Cold Cuts-Chicken-Rabbit

Christmas-No meat

Food-Escudella (See Picture Below)-Meat-Fish-Vegetables-No meat on Friday

Music-Claret Brothers-ViolinCello- Violin

Government-Co principality-Ruled by 2 nations-France+Spain

Religion-Roman Catholic




Land Use-Recreation-Farming-Mining

Major Jobs-Farmers-Shop workers



Weather-Dry-Heavy Rainfall in Fall+Spring

Rainfall-Highest is in May- Lowest is in January

Temperature-Highest is in July at 78 degrees Fahrenheit-Lowest is in December at 32 degrees Fahrenheit

Effect on Country-Not much ability to plant-grazing is good

Interesting Facts

Population (As Of July 2016)-85,660

Flag-Combines symbols from France+Spain

Travel Tips- Good Winter Sports-Good Shopping

Transportation-Good roads-Small airport in Seo De Urgal, Spain

Native Animals-Wide variety of herbivores-Few carnivores



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