The Revolution Street Journal News Anchor(s): Mr.BigFace Dave Gurb #GurbNation

The French Revolution sparked many causes like the conflict of "reform" between the monarchy and the nobility led to bankruptcy of the tax system. Although the French Revolution failed in all aspects the movement played a critical role in shaping modern nations by showing the world the power inherent in the will of the people.It failed because the Monarchy was weak and the people couldn't come to a good conclusion on what they wanted to do to protect themselves they also had financial crisis which help cause there political corruption. By the late 1790s they relied mostly on there military for there leadership and power. The French Revolution marked end when Napoleon Bonaparte became leader of France.

I see Napoleon as being a villain from a French point of view because he murdered so many French people. If you're not French you probably see him as a hero for what he did for France as a country. He was a strong and powerful commander for the Military he fought many enemies and defeated many people and it took coalitions to defeat him. But to me Napoleon Bonaparte was a hero.

It affected many countries in a way but most of all it affected the countries it went to battle with and it led to series of wars in various areas. It also led to Napoleon Bonaparte becoming the leader of France which affected other countries on how they interact with France and the decision France made were now in Napoleon's power. Some of the relationships with France ended because had a new leader so some countries stopped doing trades which affected them heavily.

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