Dear Foodservice Distributor how you can really help restaurants

Dear Foodservice Distributor,

Let's talk about the elephant in the room. In the ever changing world of restaurants, people are struggling. How do we add value to customers that are just surviving and not thriving? Education.

Whatever you think you are doing to help your customers is not enough. You need to really up your game and become known as a provider of solutions other than lower food costs and the standard control systems that all your competitors have. To stand out you must be innovative and progressive.

Offering educational seminars and workshops is a great way to show you are invested in your customers. For the last 5 years I have worked with some true forward thinking food companies and we have seen the data. 28% increase in sales penetration in accounts that attend a third party workshop sponsored by a food vendor.

Other data:

  • 32% increase in cases
  • Increased loyalty to the sponsoring vendor
  • Increased sales on product lines mentioned during workshops
All of these things basically add value to the customer and places your brand top of mind. The workshops need to be creative and engaging. Please don't do the same boring seminars on how to lower your food cost a few points. Bring value by showing the multiple dimensions of what composes solid food cost management. Bring in a professional that can have an impact and deliver a message that gets customers to take action. Get someone with influence.
Education is the key to helping restaurants become better.

Bring in industry experts that can elevate your brand to being committed to educating the customer and not just selling them. There are a lot of other companies in your market that can drop off groceries to the back door of a restaurant. You want to become known as the company that will show the customer how to make more money. That comes from education on issues they truly need help on.

  • How to fine tune labor costs
  • How to stand out in social media marketing today.
  • How to attract and retain top talent.
  • How to really build a team.
  • How to turn managers into leaders.
  • How to maximize their menu from their POS data.

These are the topics that help restaurant thrive. All business problems are really people problems in disguise and if you focus on helping them solve the people problems, you will have a customer for life.

Foodservice Distributors need to help more restaurants find solutions to the real problems that get them stuck and keep them contained in what is known as the addiction to average. Help them break free and help your brand stand out.

If you would like to discuss how we can build an educational program for your market together, please contact me. Helping restaurants escape the cult of mediocrity has always been my mission.

As an industry expert for notable websites like Foodable TV Network and Toast Restaurant Management Blog, it's my job to keep my finger on the pulse of the restaurant industry and I can honestly say that some of the massive restaurant closures you've heard of in the news are just the beginning.

I also know that hiring an expert to come in and work with your customers is not always a cost effective solution so that is why I created a new online training website for restaurants called The Restaurant Coach™ University (or as I call it RCU), to be able to get the training they need to escape being average. The courses at RCU all come from my 35 years’ experience as a restaurant owner, chef (I worked for Wolfgang Puck), a consultant, and now as a business coach. Each course was once a program used for my private coaching clients so they all have been tested and proven to get results.

I have put together a bundled package of the 7 core courses that really give a restaurant the spark it needs to either start off or get back on the right track. I call the package RCU Restaurant Toolkit™ and it includes the following courses:

RCU Downloads - access PDF downloads and resources to start a spark for taking your restaurant to the next level.

Why Teams Don't Work Mini-Series- a four-part video mini-series to show you why teams don't work and how to avoid the trap.

The Restaurant Success Series – 4-part course that takes you through the 4 Keys to a Restaurant Success *$27 value

Limitless Series - this 10-part video series is designed to get you started down the path to a better restaurant. We talk about the real issues that are holding your business back. *$47 value

CoreValU™Workshop- understanding your core values is one of the most important things you can do for getting your restaurant thriving *$97 value

The Clever 7 Series – 7 downloadable eBooks with ideas to help you in 7 different areas: Branding, Hiring, Teamwork, Food Cost, Menus, Marketing, and Culture *$97 value

The 7 Driving Forces of Restaurant Success – get the real reasons behind why some restaurants thrive and others just survive *$297 value

Total price if purchased individually would be $565

I sell the package at RCU for $250

They normally save $315

Online training courses are a great solution for restaurants that are looking for ways to become better.

Since, I also worked for 4 years as a Corporate Chef and Consultant for a major Foodservice Distributor in the Southwest, I know the struggle you have to add value to your customers so they are not poached off by your competitors who come in with the promise of lower pricing. These courses build value for your brand as you are the facilitator to their improvement.

So, for your company I am offering you a few perks.

1. I will offer The Restaurant Toolkit™ for your customers at the price of $200 each! You just need to purchase in groups of 5, 10, 25, or 50 (for 50 or more I will give special pricing), then tell me the contact info for the customer so they will have access. You save your customer $365!

2. I will not offer this program to your competition within your market geographic. This is a first come, take all kind of deal. The tools are powerful and they get results.

3. If for some reason the customer does start purchasing from another vendor, I can turn off their access to RCU at your request. This is a great bargaining tool for a Prime Vendor Agreements.

Below is a button to download The RCU Restaurant Toolkit™ Brochure that contains more details about each course and information about myself and RCU. Plus, a sample postcard that you can give out to customers who receive the gift of this program

Please, let me know a day and time when we can get on the phone so may answer any questions you have to move this forward.

Thank you!

Donald Burns, The Restaurant Coach™

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Donald Burns

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