Good Life Tour of the Harn By Eric Jacobowitz

Medium of Art

While at the Harn museum, I saw a golden statue of Vajravarahi a buddhist goddess. It was approximately a foot tall, it was adorned in ceremonial golden clothing and its as very appealing to the eye. If I hadn't seen it in person I wouldn't have been able to grasp the size, the shape, and the overall detail of the work, which really contributes to the overall meaning of this specific work. I found the size, and the 3D structure of the piece of artwork to be the most striking. It physically represented what the artist thought the goddess looked like at a smaller, more understandable and examinable size. So the scale essentially is what I found most striking. Finally, this piece of work communicated complexity and detail. I could really feel the creators faith in this goddess by the level of detail in this work. This artwork made me feel impressed and introspective. It impressed me with the beauty of the artwork and it made me feel introspective by encouraging me to look inwards and confront the illusions that are in my life in a better pursuit of what I believe the good life is.

Design of the Museum:

The David A Cofrin Asian Art Wing was the most appealing wing to me. It was very open allowing for floor exhibits to donate the space. This allowed me to be able to get a 3D perspective of the artworks and focus on it from a viewpoint above the artworks which added to my perspective and appreciation of them. It also opened up to a garden behind the museum which complemented the open room and exhibits with a beautiful scenery and natural lighting. The natural lighting really gave a positive look to the space and definitely added to my appreciation and look at this space. The open use of space allowed me to feel free and uninhibited as I examined the room and object. It also allowed me to focus on a singular piece of 3D sculpture. The arrangement of art allowd for two main pieces to dominate the room much as the designer intended. It forced us to focus on a beautiful piece of art that was very long and to really get a good appreciation for it without being distracted by anything else in the room. The whole wing was essentially set up to direct all eyes at the works on the ground.

This piece which dominated the room made me feel small. It gave me an appreciation for the vastness and dominance of nature, and forced me to think about history as it appears very much like an artifact from the past. Ultimately, it truly added to this wing by dominating floor space and it made me feel good and encouraged me to look fondly over the memorable moments of the past 19 year years of my life.

Art and Core Values:

This artwork appeals to my core value of desire and love. This picture demonstrates a culture dedicated to acceptance by society. They perform this ceremony when they are initiated into their culture. This is very similar to our culture. One must be a productive member of society, and must contribute something as an individual. I have an appreciation for the desire of these young women to become integrated into their societies, because I have felt the same desire to be integrated into my academic circles and culture as a younger individual. I also sympathize with the love these girls feel for each other, as I'm in a fraternity and initiation really creates a love and bond among brothers. I feel that the visual representation allows us to see what their initiation ceremony looks like and how they feel towards it. This picture is a snapshot in time that shows exactly what these girls do for initiation, how initiation takes place, and how they feel about it. Nothing could have captured this better than a picture. Finally, this artwork instills pride in me. Having pledged a fraternity and become a brother I understand the process it takes to achieve full brotherhood or sisterhood in this case, and I appreciate the feeling upon being initiated. It really reinforces my pride in being a brother and my love for the process and my brothers. Ultimately, it helps me better understand the process of societal earning of initiation, and it shows me other societies have a similar process for accepting each other into their societies. Ultimately, it shows me that society needs a process for accepting its members.

Art and the Good Life

This piece of work depicts a women engrossed in nature. She appears to love nature and to appreciate it judging by her surroundings, which depict open sunlight, rocks, and a real appreciation for nature and life. The theme depicted is a love for nature and a desire to improve it. Out of all of the pieces of art in the museum this is the only one that has it's own outdoor exhibit. It allows direct sunlight and a near zen like garden to surround it. It shows the people should be more involved with nature. They should stick to their roots and show an appreciation for the beauty and power of nature. It ultimately communicates that, while people should seek their good life, and work for what they believe in, they should also retain a reverence for nature and the soul, because nature is inexplicably tied to the soul. And if people want to find the good life they should look to nature because there is so much knowledge and importance tied to an introspective look at nature.

Ultimately, the trip to the Harn was a very meaningful experience because it allowed me to examine and look at art in terms of the good life, and it forced me to get out of my shell and really take an interest in beauty and the good life.


Pictures taken by Eric Jacobowitz

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