This is my family By:malllory pena

This is my dog honey she is so cute. And I love her so much she's so adorable and she'll cuddle any time of the day. Honey is 1 year old.

This is Emily the night I took pictures with everybody she said she wasn't gonna take a picture because she didn't look good. She's Good at standing up for people and scaring people away to stand up for u. I'm warning u to never be rude to her. Emily is 13yrs old.

This is Natalie she is so sweet no matter how tired she is she will always get up to do a favor. She's too soft on people. So if your gonna be her friend watch out when u make her mad she ain't soft anymore. Natalie is 10yrs old.

This is hailey she will always be willing to help or workout or maybe even do yoga hailey is always the one that reminds everyone to do a workout. Hailey is 14yrs old.

This is my dad he's always willing to make u laugh when your down. He's always willing to tax a selfie no matter how he looks you can tell he's the best dad ever in one short paragraph. My dad is 36yrs old.

This is my mom she will be the one to remind you to do ur room and ur chore before u get to FaceTime and but she's a mom and that's how any ordinary mom would act. My mom is such a big help when I'm in trouble. My mom always helps me when I'm still sleepy and my outfits not on fleak. If you read this you probably wish she was ur mom. My mom is 36yrs old

This is my sister Ashlie she'll always remind when you don't look good. She's always wearing makeup. And when she doesn't she looks naked on her face. She's always there for me but when she moves where's my angel gonna go? Ashlie is 18yrs old.

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