Character By casey lennon

What does good character look like to you?

To me good character is a way of displaying honesty, loyalty, trustworthiness, respect, curtisy, accountability, and just overrall being a kind person. I also belive that good character is natural. What I mean by that is that you shouldn't just be deminstrating those characteristics just because someone is watching you and you feel you have to keep up a public image for yourself.

Why is character important?

There are many reasons character is important, one of the main ones is that it helps make people believe in you. Without belief our society falls apart. People believe in the government, themselves, and each other. Without that I can't say we would've gotten that far past the stone age.

Which of the good character traits do you think holds the most value?

I think belief holds the most value but since I already explained why it does I'll go with the second best trustworthiness. I think trustworthiness is second best because without trust in each other we all kind of remain in a shell and not letting our guard down for anyone. In life you have to let your guard down to people and trust them. Even if you make the mistake by trusting the wrong person you can use that situation as a stepping stone to help you grow and develope.


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