Being 15 in canda Aiden Northup Period 5

Canada is located in North America

Canada is 9,093,507 square kilometers

Canada has a population of 34,300,083

Canada is known for its iconic maple leaf

To be 15 in Canada is layed back but still has bumps and turns in the road.
Being 15 in Canada can be exciting but still very stressful. Like the fact that most of the teens in Canada are very satisfied with their life (Fitzpatrick). But a problem is a lot of people are stressed and it gets in the way of their happiness (Fitzpatrick). Being 15 in Canada shows how everything is laid back but still bumps in the road.

There are still problems in Canada just like anywhere else. People in Canada are stressed and they have problems with European diseases. "Canadians who deal with stress let it interfere with their happiness"(Fitzpatrick). European diseases are from the people who migrated from Europe. "European diseases (such as measles, smallpox, and tuberculosis) that killed them off like flies"(Fitzpatrick). Just like America, there are problems and we're not the only ones dealing with stress and disease.

A lesson everyone should take away is everyone is dealing with problems across the board. There are things happening around us outside of the U.S. we just don't pay much attention. We're young, but we need to be aware of what's happening around us. It's easy to end up stuck in our own bubble, but we should start caring and helping others all around us.

As a fifteen year old, I'm always shadowed by stress with overwhelming school work. Just like this class I'm filled to the brim with stress. Because I was doing other work and had no free time to catch up to this project. I am able to see how stress can cloud someone's vision in Canada. I don't think it's smooth sailing for a teen in Canada, but I think they can still have fun. As a fifteen year old I have learned wherever you go stress follows.

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