Unisport website analysis Summary and recommendations


CONTEXT - Aesthetically pleasing, goes on the expense of functionality

CONTENT - Relevant and delivered in a creative way

COMMUNITY - Multiple channels allow users to communicate with each other

COMMUNICATION - Gives suggestions of products when customer has explored site, but no login function

COLLABORATION - Chat and other customer service functions visible

CONNECTION - Links to various SoMe sites in addition to Trustpilot

COMMERCE - Shopping cart visible at all times in addition to info about payment methods

Kima and Niehmb

Interactivity - Chat, FAQ, Email, TLF, SoMe prominent

Online completeness - The site is thorough and demonstrate consistency in the website design

Ease of use - The good aesthetics at times comes at the expense of convenience and ease to navigate

Entertainment - Links to SoMe where customers can watch entertaining and creative content

Trust - Transmits trustworthiness through multiple industry awards and 5 stars on Trustpilot which is prominent on the site


  • Variety of information on the front page - The visual effects on the front page can be too much. As mentioned earlier it gives the impression that only a few products are available. It is not until you scroll down or explore the menus above you realise the enormous amount of products available. They should disregard the huge pictures on the front page and display more variety in their products, for example football shirts.
  • Tailor to each user - There is a possibility to create a login option where customers can add favorite products, get info when sold out products get back on stock etc. Currently, this is not possible and the only tailored content is the content Unisport has registered the customer browsed earlier. A stronger utilization of the Communication component in the 7C´s model is recommended.
  • Increase "flow" - As studies show, flow has an impact on consumers behaviour and e-commerce consumption. As an example, Unisport incorporate products in their news section. This can interrupt the customers flow and enhance confusion. Let the news section be the news section and display the products elsewhere.
  • More prominent FAQ section - The FAQ section is at the very bottom of the page and it can be argued that it´s difficult to locate. To relieve resources for Unisport it can be beneficial to make this section more visible, possibly at the top of the page. As discussed earlier, this can help Unisport save time and money by enabling customers to find the answers themselves.

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