Food Reform By: Maggie Goldberg

Despite the advancements made to the food industry during the Progressive Era, new issues now exist in the form of animal hybrids, lacking health concerns with production and dilemmas with working conditions.
“Kansas State University and Frank Reese Jr. conduct research comparing the nutritional value of fast-growth hybrid chickens from factory farms with heritage chickens. Results of this research are expected to show that heritage birds are nutritionally superior to hybrid birds”
“Factors that contributed the most to food borne illness are improper holding temperatures, inadequate cooking, contaminated equipment, food from unsafe sources, and poor personal hygiene”
In 1994 an estimated 224,000 people throughout the nation became ill from Salmonella enteritidis after eating ice cream produced at one ice cream processing facility in Minnesota, but shipped around the country (Hennessy, 1996).
Created By
Maggie Goldberg


Created with images by Richard Allaway - "Lobster traps, Seahouses, Northumbria, United Kingdom" • Steven-L-Johnson - "backyard chicken"

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