IEP Ramifications

For the Classroom

  • An IEP is meant to address each child's unique learning issues and include specific educational goal.
  • It is a legally binding document that the school must provide using everything as promised in the IEP.
  • As teachers it is important that we understand it is a legally binding document, but it states that we must make a genuine effort to help each child meet each of there goals.
  • It is helpful for the teachers to be on the IEP team so that they can do there best to help students meet each of the goals that have been made.
  • It is also important to keep absolutely everything confidential. You should only speak to the people that are involved with the IEP about the IEP. Always keep things confidential with everybody else that is not involved in the IEP.

As a District Director

  • It is the district director of special educations job to write out the IEP plan and make sure that it is explained and understood by the parents and the team of the child.
  • The district director of education must make sure that the plan is being fulfilled by everyone, and that goals are being met.
  • If these things do not happen, the parents have a right to pull there child out of school and take the school to court.
  • If these things happen many people could lose there job and the school could run into a lot of trouble.
  • They must make sure that everybody is doing as the IEP instructs at all times.



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