New Moon book review By:Lauren, MMS

Is it True Love or Suicide?

Have you ever felt like your heart was ripped out of your chest? That’s how Bella felt when her true love abandoned her in the woods.

In New Moon by Stephanie Meyer, Bella just wants to be happy after her vampire boyfriend, Edward, leaves her. She finds happiness with her best friend and maybe more, Jacob, who's a werewolf, but then Edward's sister tells Bella that she needs to go save Edward. So Bella flies to Italy and saves Edward, but before flying home they are threatened by vicious vampires. Then Edward comes back to Forks with Bella, complicating things with Jacob.

My favorite part of the book is was when Edward explained to Bella why he left her heartbroken in the forest. This was my favorite part because Edward had an incredible reason to leave her. It made me cry tears of happiness and joy because it was so heartwarming. The life lesson is that Bella learned that there’s nothing she won’t do for true love. She flew all the way to Europe, ran through freezing water, and sprinted across a courtyard to rescue Edward.

I think the book’s greatest value is all the drama because the drama that Edward and Bella go through makes the reader want to keep reading. I also think that the drama is the book’s greatest value because if it wasn’t for all the drama, there would be no extraordinary story. But since there is drama you can feel how the characters do and drag you into the story.

Bella is torn between a vampire that left and came back, or a werewolf that stayed. Can Edward win her heart in the end, or will she resent Edward for leaving her and remain with the werewolf.

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