And One Will Rule Them All Choosing the right tech for you

In today's experiment, we will analyze a scenario in which a group of people is faced with choosing the right tech products and services for their lifestyle and circumstances.

Meet Frankie and Zooey.

These two lovebirds are Frankie and Zooey. They are a pair of adventurous retirees who enjoy a good time, and need to stay in touch with their families while jet-setting around the globe.

So many choices...

In their quest for portability and their desire to stay connected, Frankie and Zooey have decided to choose a mobile device that best suits their needs.

They want a small, highly portable device that they will be able to use to communicate with their loved ones while travelling, as well as check on their finances to make sure that their accounts are in good standing while abroad. They would also like something with considerable battery life for those long days on the road without an outlet nearby.

  • In the spirit of crunching numbers, Frankie and Zooey decide to take a look at their mobile device needs and consider the take-home value of different features.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Cellular connections are preferred, if not necessary.
  • Peripherals: The ability to plug in thumb drives or other devices are not really a priority, so USB connectivity or micro-SD ports are not a must.
  • Software and OS: Frankie and Zooey are familiar with Apple technology since they have iPhones and an iMac for home use. They are open to other operating systems if they integrate well, but they would prefer something familiar.
  • Battery Life: Frankie and Zooey need a device that will last all day. They spend quite a bit of time travelling, and some days they can't make it back to an outlet for many hours, so extended battery life is very important.
  • Storage Space: Though Frankie and Zooey take a lot of photos while travelling, they don't need a whole lot of storage on the device itself, as they are familiar with cloud based options and realize they can store their photos there if they get backed up.
How about a tablet?

Frankie and Zooey have heard alot about tablets in the past few years, and have recently come to see the iPad in constant use by their grandchildren when they come to visit.

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Let's look at the pros and cons of tablets with respect to Frankie and Zooey's needs:

  • Portability: PRO - Tablets are at the top of the list here, tied by some 2-in-1's. Part of this portability is in the fact that tablets don't have physical keyboards or ports for USB, Micro-SD, etc. that laptops and 2-in-1's have, which may be a CON for some. While all portable devices have a relatively small footprint these days, tablets are ostensibly the smallest and skinniest devices on the market.
  • Screen Size: PRO - Smaller is better, in this case. Frankie and Zooey need something compact and high-resolution. While all laptops, 2-in-1's and tablets now have high-res displays, anything above full-HD isn't really necessary, so 2k or 4k isn't a huge selling point. All tablets meet at least that standard, and some go far above. No tablets currently breach the 13" mark (above 13" is where laptops really shine), which may be a CON for some.
  • Operating System and App Selection: PRO - The big 3: iOS, Android, and Windows are all available choices for this range of devices. Android and its Google Play Store have by-far the best app-selection and customizability options. iOS and the App Store from Apple come in second with a stable and familiar operating system, and a very extensive app selection. Last of all, Windows rounds out the bunch with the least favored operating system (Windows 8 or 10) and a paltry app selection from the Mircrosoft Store. Some tablets don't have access to the full range of apps available to desktop and laptop devices, which may be a CON for some.
  • Storage: CON - Tablets tend to cap out somewhere between 128GB and 256GB when it comes to onboard memory. To some heavy users and media hogs, that just won't cut it. Laptops and 2-in-1's Though some tablets have expandable memory options, that means that Frankie and Zooey will need to purchase more items than they would like, and they would prefer to just purchase one device that does it all without the need for peripherals. PRO - 128GB is a respectable amount of space for casual users, and may be just fine for someone who opts for cloud storage over onboard storage.
How small (or large) a screen is best?

Also of interest to Frankie and Zooey are their range of options. Their vision isn't what it used to be, so a medium to large sized screen might be best. Fortunately, most tablets, including the iPad, offer multiple screen sizes (7.9" to 12.9")

All day battery life is a plus, and the iPad keeps on chugging for up to 10 hours.

The portability and size of tablets appeal to their need for an item that fits their lifestyle and spare luggage space. They have also discovered that tablets like the iPad tend to last longer per charge (10 hrs) than many other devices they've considered.

Dolla dolla bill, y'all.

Frankie and Zooey need to save some extra $$$ for French cappucinos and Venetian gondola fare, so a reasonable price tag is a must. Since they have multiple Apple products already, and adoption of new (Android) technology would be a chore, they are specifically considering the iPad family of products to fit in with their repertoire.

With such a wide range of prices and features, selection can be daunting.

With their portability and connectivity needs, Frankie and Zooey are in the market for a device that is connected to a worldwide cellular network, meaning a data plan (LTE or otherwise) is important. In addition, a reasonable screen and overall size is vital to their ability to tote the device around while travelling. With an average battery life of about 10 hours, each device shines. Storage considerations leave out the 32GB options, but 256GB seems a little high for Frankie and Zooey's needs. As such, they decide that the best tablet option for them would be the iPad mini 4 128GB Wi-Fi + Cellular.

All things considered, the iPad meets their needs. It's compact, it's sleek, it's functional and long lasting. The display is bright and gorgeous, and the camera allows Frankie and Zooey to take photos on the go and upload them directly to iCloud. The storage capacity more than meets their needs, and the options for cases are numerous and varied. With facetime and iMessage, Frankie and Zooey can keep in touch with their families at all times while on the go, and with Apple Pay and mobile banking apps with automatic bill pay, their finances are at their fingertips. Now that their mobile computing needs are handled, they can get back to partying on the Riviera.

It's time


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