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This is a book about a guy named Sutter Keeley.

Sutter doesn't have a problem with life, it has a problem with him... or that's what he thinks. Sutter is a senior in high school with daddy issues. His mom however, won't tell him where his father is and that makes him a little upset at times.

Sutter isn't the most well behaved kid but he is not a bad kid. Sutter girlfriend Cassidy just broke up with him.

Sutter didn't take the break-up too well. Sutter Keely isn't one to admit how he feels so he took a long walk and passed out asleep in Aimee Finecky's yard.

Aimee is a shy girl. She does her moms job and doesn't get paid for it, her mom won't let the go to college,and her family, well let's just say they aren't very supportive of personal hiygene.

Sutter is determined to help Aimee get into college, and she is dertumined to "fix him." Sutter loves Aimee but he won't tell her because he thinks he is to bad for her. Will Sutter tell her he loves her?

Will he find his dad?

If you love to follow a story, and relating to characters, then you'll love this story.


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