It was the summer of 1943 we are at war with Germany and German tanks out gunned and out armored our Sherman tanks. " Sir we took this region from the German occupied forces." said Pvt. Adams " perfect send the best tank for recon to see if we have any more enemies out there" said Commander Fisher. " SPITEFUL! MOVE OUT!"
Pvt. Adam asked " Sir is that a Panzer?" commander Williams looked and said " Yes, Gunner he is 400 yards North!" Pvt Adams yelled "INCOMING!" as the shell whistled by. The Gunner asked "Sir what kind of shell was that?" Williams replied " A high velocity kraut shell. if it hits us were done." Gunner replied " FIRE!. sir our shells are bouncing off."
"Sgt. Akles radio for help" said Williams. "2 4 9 7 Wardaddy this is liberty Spiteful we are crippled we cant move we need reinforcements now." the radio replied " this is 2 4 9 7 wardaddy calm down Spiteful a storm is coming we are sending hurricane now!" Pvt. Adams replied "INCOMING!" BOOM!
The radio went silent. Hurricane asked "Spiteful are you there?" there was no answer. The commander of Hurricane said "Gunner, load the Heat shell. were gonna take these Nazis out." "Driver are you ready?!" The Driver replied "YES SIR!"
As the Hurricane crew pushed through the brush they yelled " HURRICANE!" and fired a heat shell. "OH DARN I MISSED!" Yelled the gunner. "shell is loaded!" yelled the loader
"INCOMING!" yelled the Gunner as the shell crippled hurricane the commander states "We are crippled! We can't move!"
"I have the Panzer in sight sir" said the Gunner. The commander said "What are you waiting for? FIRE!" "Yes sir!" BOOM!!!
"We got him!" said the Gunner. the commander said "Great work boys now get out and fix that tread Ill radio for help. FOXROT 1 5 8 4 this is Wardaddy 2 4 9 7 we have a down tread and were fixing it we need someone for recon." Wardaddy this is FOXROT we copy. Over and Out."

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