is democracy dead PS134 Presentation

Take a look at how you feel about the way your country is being ran. Are you a satisfied citizen? Studies are showing a downward trend in the overall satisfaction of citizens and declining levels of trust in the government. But is democracy really culprit, or is blaming the system a temporary patch for a bigger issue?

Some 72 countries experienced a decline in their total democracy score compared with 2015, almost twice as many as the countries which recorded an improvement. Not a single region recorded an improvement in its average score in 2016.

Trust in political institutions is an essential component of well-functioning democracies. Yet surveys by Pew, Gallup and other polling agencies have confirmed that public confidence in government has slumped to historic lows in the US.

This graph shows the downward trend of governmental trust in the US. People feel they can only trust the government some of the time/never.

now lets look at a country that isn't the United States and also who's governmental foundation isn't democratic.

As you can see here, even in the UK, a country in which democracy inst he mode of governance, governmental trust is still considerably low, only above the media. It seems people tend to trust non governmental organizations over anything else regardless.
Across the board, people seem to actually trust their governmennts, but not the political parties in control of the government. Even where trust is low across the board in the government as well as with political parties

Its very possible that it isn't so much the institutional structure of democracy that needs reform, but the people whom we as participating citizens are electing into office as our government officials. what did democracy ever do to you?

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