Asian Art Museum Samantha Calvin


The bell set has two rows of bronze bells all in different sizes. The top row of the set has 14 bells that very in size so they all have there own pich. The bells are played with wooden mallets so that you can hit the bronze in different spots for a different sound. It is painted red and black with brass designs all along the top. Holding up the set are two brass camels.

Music was probably important to the Han dynasty because of the size of these bells. These bells were also found in the tomb of a king and his queen. These bells were also used to entertain guests at a royal banquet

Royal Bells

Tiger Mat weights

These tiger weights are made of bronze but they have silver and gold detail. The king had weights that were very big and very heavy but a leading officer has weights much smaller. The tiger was a very regale animal that the royal family adored. They would have tigers sit with their backs arched up because it was a way the emperor could feel superior to not just his kingdom but also animals.

We know the tomb we found these mat weights in was the tomb of a king because they are so grand and heavey. The bigger the weight the higher class a person was.

Bangal Tiger

Thinking Beyond the Paper

The mat weights pictured above were used to prevent the cotton mats from rolling up. Cotton is a plant that needs to be harvested. Withut the harvest of cotton we may not have these beautiful mat weights to look at or use.


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