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I was born in California is the Balboa Naval Hospital on January 29, 2002. Shortly after, my family was stationed in New York. I spent my pre-school years there and spent most of my time with my Aunt. From what I can remember, it was amazing and I would give anything to go back there and maybe live for a short time. After that, we moved back to California in San Jose. Living with my grandparents, I was pulled out of pre-school for excelling at that level, just waiting for first grade. When I was about 6 we moved to Military Housing in San Diego and I attended first through second grade before moving schools. At age 7 or 8, my parents divorced and I was living with mother 5 out of 7 days of the week. My father had started living in Pacific Beach with my uncle, and it was rough for awhile. Things started picking up in 2013 when they moved and bought a house in Allied Gardens.

Present Day

Brandon Olarsch (Pictured Left) & Ethan Burkey (Pictured Right)

I would consider from 2014 - 2017 being my present day. After primary school, middle school wasn't the best experience. The sixth grade was alright, it was just getting used to a new schedule that caused some problems. I made a lot of new friends and kept a lot of old ones. Seventh grade was weird, I ended up getting bullied more and I ended up losing some of my friends. With this, I was a little bit put aside from everyone, not being in many circles and just roaming the school for awhile. Eighth grade was better, I was able to get back together with a group and become more of a friend than an aquatint with most of the people I knew. To most, they find me still different but really I don't care all that much. Ninth grade has been the best grade of my schooling career. I'm starting to find out what I like to do with myself and finding a path I would like to take. I have even picked up skateboarding and that has been the best thing I have ever done (plus I love filming that too <3).


Overwatch Professional Tournoment

In the future, I would like to go into professional gaming. I've been gaming ever since I could remember. The earliest memory being Table Top Racers' on the Play Station 2. Now a days I play e-sports like Overwatch or CS:GO. While I'm not too well in CS:GO I excel in Overwatch. Hopefully one day I could join a team and gain status from there. In pro-gaming, it has become such a big thing that tournaments have started giving out millions of dollars in prizes. Some even going as far to offer a full salary for playing on a team.

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