Gyro Boy Mitchell Ahr

Project Description

By using the Core Set Model, called GyroBoy, we programmed our robot to balance on two wheels and sense various objects and colors and perform the corresponding actions while continuously adjusting itself to remain in balance.


The program was extremely complex and a lot of factors went into our robot successfully performing its given tasks.


Our robot used the gyro sensor to remain balance and the color and ultra-sound sensor to detect colors and objects and act appropriately. If I were to nudge the robot from behind, the gyro sensor would detect a forward lean and the motors would counter the lean by rotating the wheels to control the center of mass. If the motors were unable to react in time, the robot would be unable to recover and fall.



What I Learned...

I learned how to utilize several different sensors in unison to make a robot (resembling the stature of a human) travel on only two wheels. This project also made me realize just how complicated the programs are to keep the robot in balance.


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