How many stars are there in the universe By:Christopher

We all want to how many stars are in the sky?

But really we estimate about over a trillion stars in spiral galaxies

I hope that the sources helped a bit but I'm not done.

It is told with a pair of binoculars you can see almost 200,000 stars in the not to mention many spiral galaxies but there are a lot of spiral galaxies in the universe but, scientists estimate about over a trillion stars but how would we be sure stars every year a star goes supernova. Super nova is what happpens to a star when they built up to much energy. Even though we can never possibly make a number for how many stars there because space is an ifinite frontier

Scientists say that its easier to count stars than counting them individually but at a certain point I disagree because there is a chance that there is an uneven number of stars in a galaxy.

I would like to give credits to my source of information: Fraiser Cain and Elizabeth Howell


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