While the Rest Imitate, the Best Innovate Introducing the Doppstadt Inventhor Type 6...

Last year Doppstadt released the newest shredder to their ‘smart shredding’ line, with the Inventhor Type 6. With its unique VarioDirect Drive, increased uptime and simplicity of operation from the first tonne, the successor of the highly popular DW 3060 takes advantage of the latest Doppstadt shredding technology to help take your business to the next level.

Powerful, dynamic, and ready to use wherever you need it, the Inventhor Type 6 shreds with high efficiency, whether its green waste, commercial & industrial waste, municipal waste, waste wood or many more applications.

The heart of the Inventhor Type 6 is Doppstadt’s unique VarioDirect Drive concept which leverages and enhances Doppstadt’s patented gearbox. This combination of mechanical and hydraulic power continuously transfers the driving torque to the shredding system. By doing so, the speed of the shredding shaft can be flexibly adapted to the different material throughput, while the drive is very efficient delivering optimum performance at a constant speed. It is also possible to stop and start the shredding process even under load and in case of blockage, the Vario gearbox can automatically switch to reverse mode in order to reliably protect the Inventhor Type 6 from any damage. The shredder is equipped as standard with a Stage-V diesel engine generating 260 kW.

Another excellent feature on the Type 6 is its smart hopper, with a volume of 2m³ which can be increased up to approximately 5 m³, by using auxiliary attachment panels. The smart hopper tilts upwards, allowing you to tip in any remaining material that may have become stuck. It can also be set at a suitable angle, so the material automatically slides into the shredding area.

To further improve the up-time of the Inventhor Type 6, many components have been optimised to ensure easy accessibility. Thanks to its wide-opening comb flap, the entire shredding area and the engine compartment are easily accessible. This means that maintenance and retooling processes can be carried out quickly and safely.

Flexible to use, easy to move. The Inventhor Type 6 comes on tracks, a semitrailer with king-pin or six-wheel trailer with drawbar for transport up to 80 km/h. Economic efficiency in operation also means that the shredder can be moved quickly around the yard. With the tracked version you can move the Inventhor Type 6 safely and quickly on any surface, even during the shredding process.

Blue Machinery Central’s customer, Down to Earth Recycling, recently had the Type 6 on demo working on wood waste and green waste. We spoke to co-owner, Gary Milson, who described his experience with the new shredder: “With the old DW 3060 it was just a case of switching it on and start shredding. However, this new model offers a lot more flexibility with the different settings and options available. We are seeing a good level of throughput and the material samples that we’re getting are absolutely fantastic. I also love the versatility of the tracked Inventhor Type 6, the tracking speed is great and we can move it around the yard with ease”.

Blue Group are the exclusive Doppstadt dealers across the UK & Ireland, for any further information give us a call 0345 217 8755 or send an email to sales@bluegroup.co.uk