Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival 2019 SEASON PROGRAM


Welcome to the 2019 season of the Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival, the first ever completely devoted to our community engagement programming. This is a year of a new digital playbill, which has biographies, photography, and more detail, and allows us to be a little more green in the world. It’s also a year of expanded offerings throughout South Bend's city parks aboard “Boomer,” the portable stage vehicle making it possible for us to visit our neighbors throughout our community. See below for the full schedule of performances.

We are tremendously grateful to our partners and supporters, especially the Fremont Youth Foundation, the City of South Bend’s Venues Parks and Arts Department, the College of Arts and Letters, and the Center for Social Concerns. I personally am deeply grateful to the production and full-time staff, who have worked tirelessly to create the opportunities for performance you will see throughout the next several weeks.

It is a privilege and delight to share these characters and plays with you, and this year even to see the story of South Bend residents and their own interactions with Shakespeare in both Shakespeare in Fremont Park and Shakespeare Around the Bend.

Thank you, and break a leg to all the performers, whether on stage, behind it, or in supporting roles -- moms, dads, grandparents, and extended family. You have made it all possible.

- Grant Mudge, Ryan Producing Artistic Director, Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival

Shakespeare at Notre Dame Executive Leadership

Festival Events & Ticket Information

Shakespeare After Hours

  • LangLab, 1302 High Street, South Bend, IN
  • Friday, July 19
  • 7:00 p.m. & 9:30 p.m.
  • Tickets: $15
  • Ages 18+ (to see the show), 21+ (cash bar)


  • Washington Hall, University of Notre Dame
  • Saturday, July 20
  • 2:00 p.m.
  • FREE and family-friendly!

Shakespeare in Fremont Park

  • Fremont Park, South Bend, IN
  • Thursday, July 25 & Friday, July 26
  • 7:00 p.m.
  • Encore Performance: Potawatomi Park, South Bend, IN
  • Saturday, July 27
  • 7:00 p.m.
  • All performances FREE and family-friendly.

Shakespeare Around the Bend

  • Pulaski Park:
  • 1308 Huron St, South Bend, IN
  • Wednesday, July 31
  • 4:30 p.m.
  • Marshall Park:
  • 1507 Byron Drive, South Bend, IN
  • Wednesday, August 7
  • 4:30 p.m.
  • Southeast Park:
  • Fellows St. at Wenger St., South Bend, IN
  • Saturday, August 10
  • 3:00 p.m.
  • The History Museum:
  • 808 W Washington St, South Bend, IN
  • Saturday, August 24
  • Between 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.
  • All performances FREE and family-friendly.

Friends of Shakespeare at Notre Dame


  • Gaska Tape
  • Stifel | The Elkhart Group

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  • WVPE 88.1 FM

A Note from Coordinating Director Christy Burgess

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.”

Henry V from Henry V (4.3)

There are certain things that will bond you in life; meeting someone from your hometown in another country, finding someone who has the same birthday as you, and Shakespeare. Every year, people from all walks of life in the Michiana community come together to experience Shakespeare in a completely unique way.

Shakespeare After Hours continues its bloody, bawdy, and boozy theme with Drunk Shakespeare, a bloody hamlet, and some toe-tapping music. There’s something Shakespeare for everyone! You will see many returning faces, plus new ones, gracing the stage.

This year’s ShakeScenes will be the most unique yet! We will see what would happen if Juliet had a sassy friend, a group of fixer-uppers decided to turn tragic endings into happy ones, and if the Boar’s Head Tavern was hiring, plus many more.

Thank you for being part of our band of brothers and our Shakespeare family.

Shakespeare After Hours

The Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival

Grant Mudge, Ryan Producing Artistic Director


Shakespeare After Hours

  • Coordinating Director: Christy Burgess
  • Production Manager: Don Hunter
  • Stage Manager: Emily Root

Musical Shakespeare Selection

  • The Music Village
  • Directed by Joshua Aerie

Hamlet, Act 4, scene 5

  • Michiana Mechanicals
  • Directed by Siôn Shepley
  • Claudius: Nathan Flesh
  • Horatio: Andrew Lester
  • Ophelia: Lydia Potter
  • Laertes : Lydia Talcott
  • Gertrude: Teris Winborn
  • Backstage Crew: Robin Shepley

Henry IV, Part Two: Act II, scene iv

  • Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival
  • Directed by Grant Mudge
  • Sir John Falstaff: Laurisa LeSure
  • Pistol: Grace Lazarz
  • Bardolph: Joe Russo
  • Prince Henry: Kevin Hauger
  • Ned Poins: Grant Mudge
  • Doll Tearsheet: Bo Petersen
  • Mistress Quickly: Ginny Cipolla
  • Francis: Rose Wollman
  • Bill: Damen Mroczek
  • Rehearsal Stage Manager: Stephanie Konrady

Henry V, Act 5 scene 2

  • Ewe Brew Shakes
  • Directed by Chris Ferrer
  • Henry V: Chris Ferrer
  • Kate: Katie Osborn
  • Alice: Jessica Johnson

Romeo & Juliet

  • Drunk Shakes
  • Directed by Laurisa LeSure
  • Narrator: Laurisa LeSure
  • Interviewer: Sarah Meyers
  • The Players: Emery Lade, Connor Reilly, Pierre Cooks, Sarah Myers

The Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival

Grant Mudge, Ryan Producing Artistic Director



  • Coordinating Director: Christy Burgess
  • Production Manager: Don Hunter
  • Stage Manager: Emily Root
  • Light Board Operator: Marcus Bowens
  • Lighting Designer: Kat Van Vleet

Antony and Cleopatra: Various Scenes

  • Robinson Shakespeare Company I
  • Directed by Kennedi Bridges
  • Mark Antony: Alli Nettrouer
  • Cleopatra: Precious Parker
  • Octavious Caesar: Xavier Moss
  • Lepidus, Demetrius: Maeve Driscoll
  • Octavia, 1st Sentry: Destiney Kyes
  • Philo, Agrippa, Proculeius, General: Jenna Musleh
  • Enobarbus: Theo Bradley
  • Eros, Maecenas: Analise McKenna
  • Scarus, 2nd Soldier: David Tom, Jr
  • Charmian: Louisa Obregon
  • Iras: Kennadi Ivory
  • Mardian, Soldier: Nancy Tom
  • Soothsayer, Messenger, Diomedes: Toby Prince

The Boar’s Head is HIRING!

  • Good Shepherd Montessori School
  • Directed by Laura Moran Walton
  • Assistant to the Director: Mary Eileen Maher
  • Owner: Clara Moran Walton
  • Lady Macbeth: Jane Doppke
  • Falstaff: Iris Moran Walton
  • Cleopatra: Rebecca Anatolios
  • Hamlet’s Father’s Ghost: Phoebe Skiles-duToit
  • Gravedigger: Lucy Garvey

Shakespeare in the Park… With George: Marc Antony in Michiana

  • Shakespeare in Fremont Park
  • Directed by Laurisa LeSure
  • Marc Antony: Lulu Pfifer
  • Citizens: Kora’lyn LeSure, Avi Setiwan, Katie Walkowski, Trinity Lee, Brooke’lynn Wigfall, Torrance Clowers, Trynity Clowers, Siva Bell, Rima Bell

Fools in Love

  • Ensemble Shakespeare Company
  • Adapted by Charell Luckey
  • Romeo: Joshua Crudup
  • Juliet: Kennedi Bridges
  • Angelina: Precious Parker

Priest School

  • Saint Matthew’s Drama Company
  • Directed by Laurisa LeSure
  • Brother Tomasso: Ben Malinowski
  • Friar John: Lilly Malinowski
  • Friar Patrick: Mari Cline
  • Father Liam: Justin Cline
  • Father Orsino: Owen Hamel
  • Friar Peter: Nick Cline
  • Friar Lawrence: Mary Kirsch
  • Father Francis: Adrian Lozano
  • Father Pedro: Ian Miller
  • Other Priests: Devin Miller, Danny Malinowski

Hamlet, Act 4, scene 5

  • Michiana Mechanicals
  • Directed by Siôn Shepley
  • Claudius: Nathan Flesh
  • Horatio: Brian Loring
  • Ophelia: Lydia Potter
  • Laertes: Lydia Talcott
  • Gertrude: Teris Winborn
  • Backstage Crew: Robin Shepley

The Fixer-uppers

  • Lady Bards
  • Directed by Christy Burgess
  • King Hamlet’s Ghost, Nephew: Gwen Clark
  • Hamlet, Nephew: Lucy Clark
  • Richard III, Iago, Rosalind: Eavan Kelly
  • Romeo, Desdemona: Olivia Purcell

Antony and Cleopatra, various scenes (Part II)

  • Robinson Shakespeare Company
  • Directed by Kennedi Bridges
Shakespeare in Fremont Park

The Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival

Grant Mudge, Ryan Producing Artistic Director


Shakespeare in Fremont Park

  • Director: Laurisa LeSure
  • Playwright: Grant Mudge & William Shakespeare
  • Additional Lyrics: Laurisa LeSure
  • Production Manager: Don Hunter
  • Stage Manager: Grace Spencer
  • Costume Designer: Louise Gregory
  • Scenic Designer & Technical Director: Nich Sikorski
  • Assistant Stage Managers: Emery Lade, Connor Reilly, Emily Root


  • Willa Williams: Kathryn Hein
  • George Arroyo: Laurisa LeSure
  • Lily Evans: Sheila LeSure
  • Dawn Arroyo: Rima Bahradine-Bell
  • Love Parks: Santa Wright
  • Angela/Titania: Ginny Cipola
  • Sam Arroyo/Ensemble: TJ Clowers
  • Luca Arroyo/Ensemble: Trynity Clowers
  • Othello: Geoffrey Carter
  • Desdemona/Oberon: Sarah Myers
  • Ensemble/2nd Citizen: Brooke'Lynn Wigfall
  • 3rd Citizen/Ensemble: Siva Bahradine-Bell
  • 4th Citizen/Ensemble: Kora'Lyn LeSure
  • Ensemble/Duke of Venice: Trinity Lee
  • Ensemble/Iago: Katie Walkowski
  • Mark Antony: Lulu Phifer
  • Ensemble/Cassio: Avi Setiawan
  • Ryan Harris: Ensemble


  • Prologue: Shakespeare is Boomin' in South Bend
  • Scene One: Staying Alive at AM General
  • Scene Two: Othello, the AM General
  • Scene Three: Fremont!
  • Scene Four: Stop! Hamlet Time
  • Scene Five: Mark Antony in Michiana
  • Scene Six: Romeo and Juliet Try Again
  • Scene Seven: Fairies Sing The Dancing Queen Asleep
  • Scene Eight: Ensemble Finish
  • Epilogue: Hamlet Time Reprise

Produced in Association with:

Shakespeare Around the Bend

The Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival

Grant Mudge, Ryan Producing Artistic Director


Shakespeare Around the Bend

  • Director: Laurisa LeSure
  • Playwright: Grant Mudge
  • Production Manager: Don Hunter
  • Stage Manager: Grace Spencer
  • Costume Designer: Louise Gregory
  • Scenic Designer & Technical Director: Nich Sikorski
  • Assistant Stage Managers: Emery Lade, Connor Reilly, Emily Root

Kennedi Bridges (ShakeScenes - Director, Robinson Shakespeare Company) is delighted to be directing her first ShakeScene. She is a longtime member of the Robinson Shakespeare Company and has returned as an AmeriCorps Member. Kennedi will be attending Tennessee State in the fall and will be studying psychology. She would like to thank Mrs. Christy for her hard work, dedication, and always believing her.

Christy Burgess (ShakeScenes and Shakespeare After Hours Coordinating Director) is the lead teacher for the award-winning Robinson Shakespeare Company, which provides quality drama instruction to over 400 students in schools throughout the South Bend community. Christy attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks and received her M.A. in Drama and Theatre Education from the University of Warwick. Before moving to South Bend, Christy worked at the Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre as Education Manager, and had the pleasure of traveling to parts of rural Alaska to teach Shakespeare workshops to youth and Alaskan native elders. In 2011-2012, she was honored to be a North American Teaching Consultant for the Royal Shakespeare Company. Christy was named a 2018 Journey Fellow, as well as Michiana’s 40 under 40, and in 2016 she was awarded the D. Susan Wisely Youth Worker of the Year Award.

Jason Comerford (Audience Development Manager) comes to Notre Dame after a 15-year career in advertising, working as a creative copywriter for agencies including Erwin Penland (Greenville, SC) and Sullivan Higdon & Sink (Wichita, KS). He was a longtime stage manager for the Upstate Shakespeare Festival in Greenville, SC, where he stage-managed multiple productions including Othello, The Merchant of Venice, Twelfth Night, As You Like It, Henry IV Part 1, and Richard III. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, and for many years has been a prolific writer for newspapers (Centre Daily Times, State College, PA), magazines (Film Score Monthly, Los Angeles, CA), and record labels (Howlin’ Wolf Records, Raleigh, NC).

Ensemble Shakespeare Company (ShakeScenes - Performers) is composed of former Robinson Shakespeare Company actors Kennedi Bridges, Joshua Crudup and Precious Parker. All have been a part of the Robinson Shakespeare Company for quite some time: a cumulative 28 years. They recently returned to the company, in a different capacity, to serve as AmeriCorps members. Ensemble Shakes is excited to present this scene and hope it’s the first of many to come.

Chris Ferrer (Shakespeare After Hours - Director, Ewe Brew Shakes) is a Notre Dame graduate (class of 1994). He was the TA for Paul Rathburn’s first Shakespeare Through Performance class. In addition to performing various roles in numerous plays on the Notre Dame campus, Chris also adapted, directed, and performed multiple roles in An Evening With Shakespeare at the Boynton Beach Playhouse.

Debra Gasper (General Manager): The 2019 season marks Debra’s ninth season with the Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival as the General Manager. Debra came to Notre Dame from Louisville, Kentucky, where she spent 10 years as the Resident Stage Manager for Actors Theatre of Louisville. She has been a professional stage manager for 18 years and is a member of Actors’ Equity Association. Debra has stage managed over 60 productions, including many productions of Shakespeare. Her favorites include: The Tempest, Macbeth, As You Like It, and Twelfth Night. Debra holds a BA in Theatre from Indiana University, where she teaches stage management.

Louise “Scout” Gregory (Shakespeare in Fremont Park – Costume Designer) is a rising senior FTT major with a concentration in Theatre. Her Shakespeare acting credits include Hamlet (Osric), The Merchant of Venice (Launcelot), Macbeth (Lady Macbeth), and The Tempest (Gonzala).

Lynn Holbrook (Costume Shop Manager) returns to NDSF for her eighth season. Recent costume design credits include Dead Man’s Cell Phone with Notre Dame’s Department of Film, Television, and Theatre, and Candide with Opera Notre Dame. Lynn previously served as wardrobe supervisor and costume shop manager for BalletMet Columbus as well as costume shop manager for the University of Michigan. She designed costumes for seven new works at BalletMet Columbus, including Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, and toured with many performances of Beauty and the Beast and The Nutcracker. Lynn earned her BS in Textiles and Clothing from Ohio State University and her MFA in Costume Design from Wayne State University, where her designs were featured in three productions that traveled to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She is originally from Ohio, and is happy to be at Notre Dame.

Don Hunter (Production Manager) is the Chair of the Theatre Department at Bethel University and returns to the Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival for his fifth year. He has his B.A. in Theatre Arts from Bethel College and his M.F.A. in Stage Management from Wayne State University. Don has production-managed for Waterworks Theatre Company in Royal Oak, MI, and for the last nine years at Bethel University. Don has spent the last sixteen years stage-managing and designing. Recent credits include set design for Like Watchmen and To Kill a Mockingbird, sound design for Pericles, the Prince of Tyre, Fiddler on the Roof, and Anne of Green Gables, stage manager for Candide (Opera Notre Dame), four years working with the Southold Dance Theatre, and three years of directing for Bethel’s traveling theatre group. Recent acting credits include Andrew Carnes in Oklahoma and Russian in Fiddler on the Roof.

Scott Jackson (Mary Irene Ryan Family Executive Director) provides executive oversight for the many Shakespeare-related programs housed at the University of Notre Dame, with a particular focus on engaging our local community through the works of William Shakespeare. Previously he served as Executive Director for the Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre in Fairbanks, Alaska. At FST, he produced and performed in outdoor Shakespeare productions staged under the midnight sun at venues throughout Alaska and toured around the globe (most notably at VIII World Shakespeare Congress in Brisbane, Australia, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland). From 2000-2003, Scott was the Business and Legal Affairs Coordinator for Brighter Pictures, LTD (now a part of Endemol UK), one of the United Kingdom’s most successful independent television and film production companies. He holds a BA in Theatre from Indiana University Bloomington, as well as intensive study in acting at the London Centre for Theatre Studies. Scott served as the Treasurer for the Shakespeare Theatre Association from 2013–2017 and is an instructor of Acting Process at the University of Notre Dame. A firm believer in the power of Shakespeare and the theatre arts to effect positive social change, he is currently teaching a weekly Shakespeare in performance course at Westville Correctional Facility near Michigan City, IN, and is the co-founder of the Shakespeare in Prisons Network.

Stephanie Konrady (Company Coordinator) is a recent graduate of Notre Dame, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English and History. While attending ND, Stephanie participated in as much theatre as she could, spending most of her time in DPAC. Some of her favorite memories include playing Jane Bennett in Pride and Prejudice, Ada in In Paradisum, and Dinah in Asylum, as well as designing props for OperaND, Student Players, and ND Theatre Now! Stephanie also previously worked as a Stage Manager for NDSF in 2014 and again in 2018. She has loved the opportunity to work with the larger Shakespeare at Notre Dame department this past year and hopes you all enjoy NDSF 2019!

Emery Lade (Assistant Stage Manager) is delighted to be a part of her first Shakespeare in Fremont Park production! Other stage management credits include the midwest premiere of The Totalitarians (University of Indianapolis), and Proof (Assistant Stage Manager, Western Illinois University). Previously, she studied acting and musical theatre at the University of Indianapolis and Western Illinois University. As an actress, some of her favorite credits include Olive Ostrovsky in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Irene Ryan Nomination), Aaron Kreifels in The Laramie Project, Emilia in Tim Slover's March Tale, and Mrs. Stevenson in Sorry, Wrong Number.

Laurisa LeSure (ShakeScenes and Shakespeare in Fremont Park - Director, Shakespeare After Hours - Performer) is proud to be directing for both ShakeScenes and Shakespeare at Fremont Park. She also directs the Drama Club at Saint Matt’s, whose recent productions include The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and Back to the Summer. Other youth shows under Laurisa’s direction include The Fantasticks and The Little Mermaid Jr. She has also written an ongoing series of Christmas stories entitled The Nativity Tales. She is no stranger to Shakespeare at Notre Dame; she has participated in ShakeScenes and Shakespeare After Hours, and played Friar Francis in the 2017 Professional Company production of Much Ado About Nothing. She offers her perpetual gratitude to her family and friends for all their undying support, love, and encouragement.

Grant Mudge (Ryan Producing Artistic Director) is in his eighth year with the University and his twenty-third as an artistic director producing Shakespeare. Grant previously served as the Founding Artistic Director for the Richmond Shakespeare Festival (VA) at Agecroft Hall. Highlights there included helping to develop Richmond CenterStage, touring to 23 states and more than 200,000 people, and fourteen consecutive years playing Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol for Two Actors. Filmed for Virginia PBS affiliate WCVE-TV, it is still regularly rebroadcast each holiday season. At Notre Dame, Grant created a touring program for regional schools, NDSF: ON TOUR, bringing Shakespeare performances and accompanying workshops to thousands of students throughout northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan, as well as Shakespeare After Hours, Shakespeare in Fremont Park, and Shakespeare Around the Bend. Grant’s directing and acting credits include more than 50 productions, among them Death and The Maiden, As You Like It, Macbeth, The Tempest, Love’s Labour’s Lost, Hamlet, Henry IV 1 & 2, Henry V, Richard III, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Taming of the Shrew, Our Town, Les Misérables, Picasso at the Lapin Agile, The Rover, and at Notre Dame, The Servant of Two Masters, Clybourne Park, Much Ado About Nothing, and Romeo and Juliet. His 2005 play, Shakespeare & Galileo, was commissioned by the Science Museum of Virginia and recently marked eleven years of regular touring and performances. Grant recently completed two years on the Executive Committee of the Shakespeare Theatre Association, whose annual conference Shakespeare at Notre Dame hosted in January of 2016, part of the global celebration of the playwright’s legacy: 1616-2016.

The Music Village (Performers: Shakespeare After Hours) is Michiana's community musical arts center located in the heart of downtown South Bend. We believe that where the arts flourish, so do people and communities. We welcome people of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels to learn about, create, experience and participate in music and dance. Tonight's performers, The Music Villagers, are the result of our weekly community jams, which are open to everyone at no charge. Regardless of skill level and experience, all are invited to join in and make new friends and great music: Ukulele Jam: Mondays, 6-8pm, Acoustic Jam: Tuesdays, 6-8:30pm. Don't have an instrument? No problem, you can borrow one of ours!

Connor Reilly (Assistant Stage Manager) is a senior English and Classics major at Notre Dame from Cleveland, Ohio. He has acted and done lighting design for the Notre Dame's Not-So-Royal Shakespeare Company. He would like to thank all the kids in the show for their enthusiasm and making the show such a fun experience!

Siôn Shelpley (ShakeScenes - Director, Michiana Mechanicals) is participating in his twelfth ShakeScenes and his third in the directing position. Other directing credits include A Cold Day in Hell and Jasper in Deadland (student assistant director) both at Clay High School. Siôn has performed in many productions in the Michiana area, including Hairspray, A Few Good Men, Noises Off, Rent, Big Fish, Skylight, Cinderella, Fiddler on the Roof, I Hate Shakespeare, Beauty and the Beast, and Romeo and Juliet. Siôn will be attending Indiana University Bloomington in the fall to study Secondary Education in both Social Studies and Theatre. He would like to thank his friends, teachers, and family for their constant support through the years. Siôn would also like to thank his marvelous cast for listening to his crazy ideas and for putting up with his obsession with Hamlet for the course of three months.

Nich Sikorski (Lighting Designer) is a graduate of IU South Bend with a BA in Theatre Design with a concentration in Lighting Design and a minor in Dance. His IU South Bend Theatre and Dance Company credits include Lighting Designer for Almost, Maine, Lighting Design for Bare, Director for Peter Rabbit, Lighting Designer for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and Assistant Light Designer for Shakespeare Abridged. Other favorite credits include Assistant Stage Manager for Pippin, Scarecrow for The Wizard of Oz, and being a member of the IU South Bend Tap Kickline.

Laura Moran Walton (ShakeScenes - Director) has worked as an assistant director for shows at South Bend Civic Theatre, including To Kill a Mockingbird, Tea at Five, Mrs. Bob Crachit’s Wild Christmas Binge, and The Explorers Club. This fall, she’ll be stage-managing The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime at SBCT. She's grateful to have the opportunity to work with this bright, hard-working, and creative cast of young women from Good Shepherd Montessori School.


  • Radiology, Inc. Endowment for Excellence for the Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival
  • The Abdo Director of the Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival
  • The Thomas and Elizabeth Naquin Borger Endowment for Excellence
  • The Brian and Jeannelle Brady Endowment for Excellence
  • The Cullen Endowment for Excellence
  • The Gary Gutchess Endowment for Excellence in Shakespearean Theatre
  • The Mr. & Mrs. William P. Johnson Endowment for Excellence for the Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival
  • The Mary Irene Ryan Endowment for Excellence for Community Programming
  • The Mary Irene Ryan Endowment for Excellence for Shakespeare at Notre Dame
  • The Mary Irene Ryan Executive Director of Shakespeare at Notre Dame
  • The Mary Irene Ryan Producing Artistic Director of the Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival
  • The McMeel Family Chair in Shakespeare Studies
  • The McMeel Family Endowment for Excellence for Actors From The London Stage
  • The Deborah J. Loughrey Endowment for Excellence in Shakespeare Studies
  • The D & J Smith Endowment for Shakespeare and Performance
  • The Paul Eulau Endowment for Excellence for Actors From The London Stage


  • Kathy Malone Beeler
  • Brian & Jeannelle Brady
  • Theresa M. DiPasquale & Lee Keene
  • The Fields Foundation
  • David & Ernestine Gardner
  • Henkels Lecture Fund, Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts
  • Bill & Toni Johnson
  • Amy Kuhar Mauro & David Mauro
  • Amanda & Jonathan Retartha
  • Ingrid D. Rowland
  • The Ryan Memorial Foundation
  • Jack & Laura Smith

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Shakespeare at Notre Dame Advisory Board

The Shakespeare at Notre Dame Advisory Board serves as the advisory board for the entire Shakespeare at Notre Dame program, which encompasses not only the Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival but also the McMeel Family Chair in Shakespeare Studies and Actors From The London Stage.


  • Dr. Daniel Ryan, Chair, Advisory Board
  • Andrew T. Blum, Chair, Executive Committee


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College of Arts and Letters Representative:

  • Peter Holland, McMeel Family Professor in Shakespeare Studies and Associate Dean for the Arts

Festival Founder:

  • Dr. Paul A. Rathburn

Shakespeare at Notre Dame Staff

Scott Jackson

Mary Irene Ryan Family Executive Director

Grant Mudge

Ryan Producing Artistic Director, Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival

Debra Gasper

General Manager

Jason Comerford

Audience Development Manager

Stephanie Konrady

Company Coordinator

NOTRE DAME SHAKESPEARE Festival Performance History

All titles by William Shakespeare unless otherwise indicated.

Past Professional Company Productions

  • 2018: Othello, the Moor of Venice
  • 2017: Much Ado About Nothing
  • 2016: The Tempest
  • 2015: The Winter’s Tale
  • 2014: Henry IV - a conflation of parts I and II, adapted by Michael Goldberg and Grant Mudge
  • 2013: Richard III
  • 2012: Hamlet
  • 2011: The Merchant of Venice
  • 2010: Cymbeline
  • 2009: Twelfth Night
  • 2008: Macbeth
  • 2007: Love’s Labor’s Lost
  • 2006: The Comedy of Errors
  • 2005: Henry V
  • 2004: Romeo and Juliet
  • 2003: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • 2002: The Tempest
  • 2001: Much Ado About Nothing
  • 2000: The Taming of the Shrew

Past Touring Company Productions

  • 2018: The Merchant of Venice
  • 2017: Twelfth Night
  • 2016: Pericles, Prince of Tyre
  • 2015: Love’s Labor’s Lost
  • 2014: The Merry Wives of Windsor
  • 2013: The Comedy of Errors
  • 2012: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • 2011: As You Like It
  • 2010: The Taming of the Shrew
  • 2009: The Deceived by The Academy of the Intronati of Sienna, translated and adapted by Ken Rea
  • 2008: The Witch by Thomas Middleton
  • 2007: The Learned Ladies by Molière, translated by Richard Wilbur
  • 2006: The Brothers Menaechmus by Plautus, translated and adapted by Richard Prior
  • 2005: Falstaff’s Dream, adapted by Susan Hart
  • 2004: Shakespeare On Comedy: A Vaudeville, adapted by R. John Roberts
  • 2003: Selected Scenes, adapted by R. John Roberts

Past NDSF: ON TOUR Productions

  • 2016: Scenes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Tempest
  • 2015: Romeo and Juliet
  • 2013: Much Ado About Nothing

Past Special Performances

  • 2018: Shakespeare in Fremont Park - Performed in collaboration with Fremont Youth Foundation
  • 2017: Shakespeare in the Streets - Performed in collaboration with Fremont Park and La Casa de Amistad
  • 2016: Romeo and Juliet: In Concert - Performed in collaboration with the South Bend Symphony Orchestra
  • 2015: William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (abridged) - Produced in association with Shakespeare Napa Valley
  • 2014: As You Like It - International Youth Arts Festival, London, England
  • 2011: Pericles - International Youth Arts Festival, London, England
  • 2011: The Two Gentlemen of Verona - In collaboration with the Notre Dame Department of Film, Television, and Theatre
  • 2010: In Concert: Kiss Me, Kate - Book by Bella and Samuel Spewack, music and lyrics by Cole Porter
  • 2010: As You Like It - In association with The Not-So-Royal Shakespeare Company and St. Edward’s Hall Players
  • 2007: In Concert: The Romeo and Juliet Story - In affiliation with the New Millennium Orchestra
  • 2004: Othello - Performed by the Guthrie Theatre
  • 2003: The Stuff of Dreams - By Bill Corbett, performed by the Guthrie Theatre
  • 2002: Ah, Wilderness! - By Eugene O’Neill, performed by the Guthrie Theatre
  • 2001: The Lunatic, the Lover, and the Poet - By Brian Bedford, performed by Brian Bedford
  • 2001: All the World’s a Stage - Adapted By Brian Bedford, performed by Brian Bedford and Claire Bloom
  • 2000: Will and I - By Michael York, performed by Michael York


The Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival would like to thank the following individuals, departments, organizations, and businesses that played a role in making our 2019 season such a success.

Bethel University Department of Theatre Arts

The Brain Lair Bookstore: Kathy Burnette

Chicory Cafe: Andrew Schreiber

City of South Bend: Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Cherri Peate, Mark Bode

City of South Bend Venues Parks & Arts: Jonathan Jones, Aaron Perri, Cathie Pynaert

Community Foundation of St. Joseph County: Angela Butiste, Rose Meissner, Laura Moran Walton

Elkhart Arts Alliance: Liz Shenk

Fiddlers’ Hearth: Lindsey Gresham

Fremont Youth Foundation: Kim Clowers, Nia Okereke

Gaska Tape, Inc. (Season Sponsor): Sue Montague, Jack Boyd Smith, Jr., Laura Arauz Smith, Sen McCartney

Glynn Family Honors Program: Jane Kraemer, Collin Meissner, Wendy Wolfe

The Goshen Theater: Amber Burgess

Harbor Arts: Janet Blake, David Fink

Krasl Art Center: Breeze Ettl, Julia Gourley, Amber Erickson

Notre Dame Center for Social Concerns: Anne Cahill-Kelly, Connie Mick, Rev. Kevin Sandberg, C.S.C.

Notre Dame Office of the Controller: Becky Laskowski, Stephanie Wulz

Notre Dame Design Copy and Services: Tina Clark, Carol McIntyre

Notre Dame Office of General Counsel: Todd Dvorak, R. Alexis Ebel, Deborah Gabaree

Notre Dame Office of Internal Communications: Carol Bradley, Jennifer Laiber

Notre Dame Office of Public Affairs and Communications: John Slott, Matt Cashore, Barbara Johnston

Notre Dame Office of the President: Ann Firth, Bridget Keating, Sarah Gotsch, Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., Denise Sullivan

Notre Dame Office of the Executive Vice President: John Affleck-Graves, John Sejdinaj, Micki Kidder

Notre Dame Office of the Provost: Tracy Biggs, Tom Burish, Christine Maziar, Maura Ryan, Pamela Nolan Young

Notre Dame Recruitment and Communications: Shannon Rooney

Notre Dame Research and Sponsored Programs Accounting: J. J. Marler, Donna Sheer

Notre Dame Risk Management & Safety: Barbara Davey

Notre Dame Security Police: Phil Johnson, Thomas Kauble, Daniel Kavanaugh, Capt. Jeffrey Korros, Les Niedbalski

Notre Dame Student Activities Office: Amy Belke, Brian Fremeau, Casey St. Aubin

Notre Dame Student Union Board: Louis Bertolotti

Notre Dame University Relations: Marilyn Bassett-Lance, Bill Doyle, Greg Dugard, Elizabeth Ferlic, Ernestine Gardner, Joe Gelchion, Gary Girzadas, Anne Griffith, Terry Howard, Janet Jessup, Peggy Jewett, George Keegan, Micki Kidder, Katherine Lane, Heather Moriconi, Lou Nanni, Rudy Reyes, Jr., Jason Scarlett, Laura Snell, Donna Snyder, Geoffrey Stookey

Notre Dame Warehousing, Delivery, and Transportation: Martin Ogren, John Nelson

Peter Ringenberg Photography

The Pigeon and the Hen: Diana Palomo, Amy Klingler

Robinson Community Learning Center: Jennifer Knapp Beudert, Christy Burgess, Andy Kostielney, Velshonna Luckey

St. Joseph County Public Library: Patricia Coleman, Linda Conyers, Erin Lawrence

Saint Mary’s College Department of Campus and Community Events: Richard Baxter, Kristopher Robinson

Saint Mary’s College Department of Theatre

Shakespeare Theatre Association (STA): Patrick Flick, Melissa Nicholson

Shelf Life Community Bookstore: Lisa Crouteau

South Bend Brew Werks: Steve & Michelle Lowe, Joe Russo

South Bend Chocolate Cafe: Sherri Huffer

South Bend Tribune: Alan Achkar, Jennifer Ellis, Margaret Fosmoe, Andrew S. Hughes

The Stanley Clark School: Lindsey Hab

Stifel | The Elkhart Group (Season Sponsor): Madeline Bond, Brian Borger, Elizabeth Naquin Borger, Rosanne Markham

Visit South Bend Mishawaka: Rob DeCleene, Becky Fletcher, Nicole Lawler

Washington Hall: Kathleen Van Vleet, Matt Christophel

WVPE 88.1 Public Radio (Media Sponsor): Tamara Ashley, Anthony Hunt, Tom Labuzienski, Michael Linville


Now in its 19th season, the Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival (NDSF), is the professional theatre in residence at the University of Notre Dame. The Festival traces its current structure to an experimental course called “Shakespeare in Performance” created in 1989 by Dr. Paul Rathburn. The premise of this popular course was that Shakespeare’s works are both theatrical “scripts” and literary “texts” and are best illuminated through work in both the theatre and in the classroom.

NDSF began producing in 2000 and has grown exponentially in its relatively short history to include performances by the Professional Company, Touring Company, our community-oriented Shakespeare After HoursShakeScenes, Shakespeare in Fremont Park and Shakespeare Around the Bend programs, NDSF: ON TOUR during the school year, and special events including guest artists, lectures, and presentations.

ShakeScenes was created specifically to give area actors and directors of all ages the opportunity to immerse themselves in “playing” Shakespeare. NDSF believes that providing an active and immediate experience around some of the greatest plays in the English language can help foster a love of Shakespeare that will last a lifetime.


Shakespeare at Notre Dame is a program that recognizes the centrality of the study of Shakespeare in humanistic pedagogy at the University of Notre Dame. The creation of the “Shakespeare Initiative” in 2001 sought to broaden the Shakespeare offerings on campus and establish the permanence of this new tradition for an audience of students, faculty, the South Bend community at-large, and a national and international audience.

Shakespeare at Notre Dame consists of the McMeel Family Chair in Shakespeare Studies, Actors From The London Stage, and the Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival.

The mission of Shakespeare at Notre Dame is to establish Notre Dame both nationally and internationally as a center for the study of Shakespeare in performance. The program seeks to:

  • Provide its undergraduates and graduates, the local community of South Bend, and the wider region with opportunities to see Shakespeare productions, both professional and student, of the highest possible quality;
  • Provide students with regular opportunities to perform Shakespeare both independent of and in collaboration with professional performers and directors, in order to provide students with a full range of experience of amateur and professional production in the course of the academic year;
  • Educate students in the pleasures of watching Shakespeare (on stage and on film) so as to instill a lifetime habit of seeing Shakespeare in performance;
  • Provide courses at an undergraduate level and beyond, for students in all years of study and from the widest possible range of disciplines, to explore Shakespeare in performance;
  • Support the full range of courses studying Shakespeare throughout the University;
  • Provide at a master’s and doctoral level, through M.A./M.F.A. and Ph.D. courses, the opportunity for students to train both as scholar-critics and as theatre-workers through the study of Shakespeare in performance; and
  • Support collection development in the University Library to support both doctoral work and advanced research by permanent and visiting faculty.

Founded in 1975 by Homer “Murph” Swander and Sir Patrick Stewart, Actors From The London Stage (AFTLS) now ranks as one of the world’s oldest and most celebrated touring Shakespeare companies. Shakespeare at Notre Dame proudly houses the company’s American base of operations. Each academic year AFTLS presents two nationwide tours (one in the fall, another in the spring), visiting campuses across the United States -- even as far as Hawaii. Each member of the five-actor troupe takes on 2-3 major roles (and many minor ones!) in one-of-a-kind stagings of Shakespeare’s greatest plays.