16 February 2017/20 SHEVAT 5777

Term 1 Week 3

Shabbat Commences 6.50pm/Shabbat Terminates 7.46pm

Tu B'Shvat in the Primary School

Tu Bishvat was celebrated in school on Monday with two amazing activities run by the Tzevet. Students participated in a Tu Bishvat seder from K-Yr 6 where they experienced the fruits of Israel – dates, figs , pomegranates, grapes, wheat and olives. They drank grape juice and said the various brachot of each fruit or vegetable whilst learning and talking about the chag.

Students also looked at Tu Bishvat as Tov Beshvat where they spoke about the notion of giving to others. They each made a flower and wrote a wonderful message which was given to the residents of the Maurice Zeffert Home by Year 4 or to staff or other students in both the Primary and High schools

At lunch time members of Habo joined in a ruach session together with the Tzevet and students to celebrate the chag. It was wonderful to see everybody together celebrating in style!

Year 2 Explore Life Cycles

In Year 2, we know what makes a good scientist! We are beginning to explore Life Cycles. . This week we compared living and non-living things. We created a list of things that are living and non- living. Stay posted for our future findings!

News from the Primary Library

Thank you Rori of Year 6.2 for your generous donation of books to our library from your private collection.

Year 9 Food Tech

The family of Gilad Shaar ( one of the 3 Israeli teenagers kidnapped and murdered in 2014) have organized a month long baking session called Gilad's Kitchen to honour what would have been his birthday. Carmel Year 9 Food Tech students took part in this heart warming event.

Swimming Training

Each Tuesday and Thursday morning, a core group of High School students engage in rigorous, yet enjoyable, swimming training. Starting at 6:25 am at Bayswater Waves, students are able to choose a program which suits their ability level. I would encourage anyone interested in swimming to join the group, especially if you are likely to be competing in the upcoming Inter-School ACC Swimming Carnival. Aside from being health and fun, it is a terrific way to start the day!

House Breakfast

Students in the High School recently enjoyed a House Breakfast in preparation for the Swimming Carnival. Warm bubka and cold orange juice proved to be an excellent combination. This activity allows students to develop spirit within their House groups which we trust will translate into excellent participation on the day.

MOTL 2017 journey has begun!

Three Year 11 Carmel students will be joining participants from Melbourne and Sydney, as well as youth from around the world in April this year, as they embark on the life-changing journey which is March of the Living, They will spend a week in Poland, where they will visit towns and sites where Jewish life once thrived and will commemorate Yom Hashoah by marching from Auschwitz to Birkenau. They will then travel to Israel where they will celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut. It is this transition from darkness to light, from destruction to redemption, that make MOTL a unique experience.

Claudia Galanti, Eden Paletz and Dylan Kotkis travelled to Sydney this past weekend to spend a Shabbat with the other participants.

JNF Green Sunday

Several senior students took part in assisting JNF Green Sunday to raise funds to replenish the trees lost in last years arson fires in Israel. Kol hakavod!

News from the English Department

Year 12 Students Attend ‘Half Hour Hamlet’ Performance

The Year 12 Literature and Drama students enjoyed a performance of ‘Half Hour Hamlet’ on Monday night. The show, which was part of the Fringe Festival, featured a solo performer who ‘broke through the fourth wall’ to make Shakespeare’s language and concepts accessible to the students. The literature students are currently studying Hamlet, so this performance was a great way to enhance their learning of Shakespeare’s text. The drama students left the program thoroughly inspired by performer Patrick Hercamp, and are now contemplating one day submitting their own show to the Fringe Festival. Students were also treated to a question and answer session after the play, where they were able to converse with Hercamp and learn his reasoning behind the adaptation.

Education Perfect – Year 9

Students in lower school English classes are currently trialing a new product – Education Perfect – to facilitate their learning. Education Perfect is an online platform that allows students to individualise their work with regards to a range of topics, including spelling and grammar. Students work through a number of sessions at the relevant level, with words and phrases re-tested as required until the student demonstrates competence.

Alongside Education Perfect, students are also using Read Theory to test their comprehension and reading level. Once their levels are assessed, students have access to texts suitable for them, with accompanying personalised assessments that, once completed, allow them to move up a reading level in the program.

From a teaching perspective, this approach allows the teacher to determine the levels of students in the class, as well as any common areas of proficiency and deficit so that the lessons can be structured accordingly. So far, the students are really enjoying this new learning tool. Here are some pictures of the Education Perfect in action!

Carmel School Musical– Save the Date!

Staff and students are currently hard at work preparing Carmel’s first musical, Little Shop of Horrors. Students are involved in all areas of the production, including performance, set design, chorus and musical accompaniment. Little Shop of Horrors is a musical in the horror-comedy-rock style, with music reminiscent of 1960s rock and roll, doo-wop and Motown.

Save the date now for an awesome night out! Shows will run April 2-4. More details coming soon.


Purim is on its way! Staff and students are very excited to celebrate here at school on the 10th March. An email has been sent to all parents in Years 1-6 outlining the day’s events. The primary school students do not have themes this year and can dress up as they please.

Dan Layani addresses the High School

Dan Layani addresses the high school students about his life having gone blind in combat in the Israeli army

Dorot Carmel News

Bnei Akiva Shnat News

Sup Carmel!

The first few weeks of MTA has been very intense. We started off with Oz Sem which is an opening seminar for all the Australians doing a Bnei program this year. We stayed in a place called ‘Nes Harim’ which is a moshav outside of Jerusalem. We learnt all about what to expect from this coming year as well as what Bnei Akiva is all about. Then we had AZYC which was an opening seminar for all the programs from Australia. We stayed in a beautiful place called Kibbutz Tzuba which was much more of a hotel then a kibbutz. We did crazy stuff including a fab party with Kafeh Shachor Chazak (קפה שחור חזק), a famous Israeli pop group. Following this wild escapade, we travelled to the distant Kibbutz Ein Tzurim. There we did the opening to MTA discussing what to expect from the year and riding camels in Moshav Bereshit with a terrible actor playing Avraham Avenu!!! The next day we moved to Yeshivat Eretz Hatzvi to start the learning journey of this year. Most people think it's sitting in a room all day and learning, which it is (and I love it). What people don't realise is that there is a whole other world to yeshiva. For example, the second day of yeshiva we had our first Australia vs Britain soccer game. Don't worry you'll all be happy to know that we demolished the Brits 8-4. Just a few hours later we schlepped to town to go to a pre-Purim rave consisting of non-religious and religious Jews partying hard to Rabbi Nachman!! All in all, my year so far has been incredible and I can't wait for the next experience.

Lots of love, Yoni Ellert, MTA Bnei Akiva program

Dorot Carmel- News from Habonim Shnat

We, the Habo Shnatties, have spent our first week on Kibbutz Revivim where we will live for four months. It has been a busy 7 days filled with overwhelming emotions, interesting peulot and fun times with our friends. We spend our weekdays working on kibbutz, attending lectures and having peulot run for us by our madrichim. On the weekends, we either travel to different cities to experience them or stay on kibbutz to recharge for the next week. It is crazy to think how much we have experienced in just a week on Revivim. We look forward to the rest of our time here. We miss you Perth!!

Lunch with Alumni - Carly Paiker

Lynda Fisher and Carly Paiker shared an Alumni luncheon in her Primary School office. Carly delighted in visiting the School campus since graduating 15 years ago. She has since qualified in industrial design and has her designed her own very successful, nationally acclaimed jewellery label, "Carly Paiker" - www.carlypaiker.com . Reflecting on her life at Carmel she commented on how the school environment accepted everyone for what they brought to the learning and social environment as an individual, regardless of their broader financial or social status. Carmel School was a very authentic place to grow up. She thoroughly enjoyed her tuna salad and said it is as delicious now as it was then.

Little Ninja's

The Little Ninja’s class has been very successful. Parent feedback has been very positive and they are requesting that the program continue to grow. Due to popular demand we will now be training in uniforms with gloves. These will be included in the new fee structure. Students will be undergo belt gradings as they progress in their skills. For the first term of 2017 training will now be on Mondays from 3.30 -4 pm. Classes will be conducted with Chief instructor Gilbert Grant and 1st Dan Black belt Kayli Posner. Classes will commence next Monday 20 February 2017. We plan to offer more available training days in Term 2.

Maccabi Martial Arts Academy is delighted to be able to offer another healthy activity for our children.

Any queries regarding the The Little Ninja’s program are to be directed to Mr Gilbert Grant (M) 0400 370 255

or email gilbertpgrant@hotmail.com

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