Sports Anchor Nathan F

What IS a sports Anchor

A sports anchor also known as a sports commentator , are responsible for the play by play announcement of a sporting event, normally during a live broadcast. Sports anchors can also be seen talking about game highlights and sport news, during the breaks of a game such as at halftime or before and after game. Some famous sport anchors include James Duthie, Martin Tyler, and the late Craig Sager.

Does a Sports Anchor work Independently or with a group?

A sports anchor can work both in a group or individually. Most of the time there a main sports anchor who acts as the host, while the others may help with the broadcasting and provide more insight to the game. Although in late night shows sports anchors may work by themselves and instead of talking about a particular game, they would provide a rundown of the different games that took place throughout the course of the day.

What education is required?

To become a sports anchor it is recommended that you have a bachelors degree in journalism, communications, or something related to the field such as sports journalism.

What skills does this job require?

Sports anchors are also required to have a vast knowledge about different sports and the current news stories also associated with them. In order to become a successful sports anchor, it requires to have experience. The most experienced anchors cover the most anticipated sporting events, so you have to start somewhere at the bottom of the ladder. Later on, anchors are placed into specific sports such as basketball, soccer, and hockey. They would then work in shows and present that specific sport.

What is the average pay?

In this field your pay all depends on your experience. An anchor just starting might make around $20,000 a year. While experienced anchors may make between $150,000 to $5 million a year.

What type of company would you work for?

Most people starting of would work for a sports broadcasting company such as TSN, Sportsnet, or ESPN. Once you make into a specific sport you may work for league broadcasting companies such as the NBA, MLS, NHL, or the NFL.

Would This Be a career you would be interested in

This would definitely be a career I would be interested in. I love sports and believe I know a lot about different sports so this is a career I could see myself excel in. I also enjoy speaking in front of a camera and I would feel very comfortable talking about a topic that I know a lot about. There is a saying "a job that you enjoy and love to do is not a job at all". That would be true for myself if I were to have this career.

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