Senior Exit BY: Abigail Evans

"Be the person to make others smile" - Abigail Evans

Abigail Elizabeth Evans

Personal Values

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Being Helpful


Caring, Trustworthy, Honest, and Supportive


My Mothers Side

From Left to Right: Rylea, Ashton, Jasmine, Alisa, Dylan, Liam, Me, Tessa, Austin, and Emma
From Left to Right: Dylan, Austin, Liam, Ashton, Jasmine, Me, Tessa, Alisa, Rylea, and Emma.
Scott and Brandy(mom)

My Fathers Side

My Father is Scott Evans and he lives with my other sister Amelia.

From Left to Right: Me, Scott(Dad), Amelia


I have a lot of pets. I have two dogs, a rabbit, a turtle, and a sugar glider.

Left to Right: Apollo and Buddy
Rabbit: Midnight




To me, my personal accomplishments vary for things I have done through out my life. Like volunteering for the community such as cleaning the beach or helping with the Chili Cook-Off and my art work.


I accomplished an after school program called Teen Quest. At Teen Quest it helped me get an after school job.

Extra-Curricular activities


I have been in Drama since last year. I've preformed in plays and skits.


I joined cheer my senior year to try and be more school oriented and have more school spirit.

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory" - Dr. Suess


Business: Entreprenuer

An Entrepreneur can make up to an average of $72,000 annually as a small business owner. It is in the Business Finance pathway.

Architecture: Architect

An Architect can make up to $119,000 a year as a high and respected architect and the low of $44,000 as a not so well known architect. It is in the Art and Communication pathway.


Mott Community College

I'm going to start at Mott for my first few years. It will cost around $4000-$5000. I'm going to pay by getting a job and saving and through scholarships.

Michigan State University

After I finish a few years at Mott,I'm going to transfer to Michigan State to learn business and architecture.

My Goals

Short Term Goals

  • I want to go to college by the end of 2017
  • I want to go work at subway

Long Term Goals

  • To be able to make my own business.
  • have a family
  • to make enough money
  • help the homeless

Future Plans

My plans to get to my main goal of making my own business

  1. Go to college for business
  2. Graduate and get a well paying job to save for my next years in college
  3. Go to college for architecture
  4. Graduate and start saving
  5. Find an area that needs the most help
  6. Build an apartment building for the homeless
  7. Buy a building for my business
  8. And Be Successful
" Everyone is my friend they just dont know it" - Abigail Evans



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