Seven/Tenths Jane james

Detail - ‘Trailing end- 24°06'55.76"S 152°43'08.80"E’

Opening June 21st, 7-10pm, 40 Exeter Street, Ashgrove.

Seven/Tenths is an exhibition of paintings and sculptures, showing June 21st - July 5th, 40 Exeter Street, Ashgrove, Brisbane.

The exhibition will be open daily between 10am - 4pm until July 5th. Guided tours are available, and no appointment is necessary. Viewing outside these hours can be arranged by calling 0438311530.

It has been my extraordinary privilege to have spent a life in, on, and beneath the ocean. In my lifetime I have seen enormous changes in this environment, and feel a responsibility to raise my voice in concert with those acting to preserve this fragile and unique part of earth's ecology.
Jane James

Developed over a five year period, these works speak to the interdependence of systems, and the fragility of the balance between them.

I was privileged to spend a month in residency at Golden Paints in New York in 2016. In collaboration with Golden’s technicians, the unique process employed in these pieces was developed. By overlaying multiple layers of polymer an effect similar to three dimensional lenticular imagery is formed.

These views of the Great Barrier Reef are abstracted ones. The various reef systems are mirrored on the liquid/gas interface, and the domed sky is visible above. They capture various surface conditions, reef systems and depths. The locations are in the southern reaches of the Great Barrier Reef, where bleaching and climate effects are still relatively mild.

The latitude and longitude coordinates that form the titles of these paintings mark my exact position when taking the reference material for each piece.

The rope depicted in this series is triple strand polypropylene construction. It is knotted at one metre intervals, and references the nautical convention of using a knotted line (log-line) to determine speed. This was tied to a ‘log’ dropped over a ship's stern.

It also refers to the expression 'rate of knots', used to describe something going fast. These works stand as a call to action. The time to act to protect this massive and vulnerable ecosystem is now, and the daily choices we all make impact it.

It is under the stewardship of all of us.

Lagoon, lady Mulgrave Island

Following are a number of paintings from the exhibition to launch the beginning this series. These works are from Lady Elliot Island at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef. Slumped glass and cold-cast bronze pieces are also available. A full catalogue is available on request.

‘Infinity loop - 24°07'00.77"S 152°43'03.10"E’. 2019, Acrylic on linen 910 x 1520mm
‘Trailing end - 24°06'55.76"S 152°43'08.80"E’. 2019, Acrylic on linen 1015 x 760mm
‘Back on itself - 24°07'04.52"S 152°42'52.60"E’. 2019, Acrylic on linen 910 x 1220mm
‘The edge - 24°06'58.02"S 152°43'12.37"E’. 2019, Acrylic on linen 1060 x 1370mm
‘Overhand turn - 24°06'51.67"S 152°43'4.59"E’. 2019, Acrylic on linen 710 x 910mm
‘Breaking the surface - 23°54'48.40"S 152°23'9.77"E’. 2019, Acrylic on linen 910 x 655mm
Cold cast bronze and slumped glass. 2019. 190 x 255 x 75
Slumped glass, 2019. 400 x 550 x 10
Detail - ‘Infinity loop - 24°07'00.77"S 152°43'03.10"E’

Jane James, 40 Exeter Street, Ashgrove, Brisbane.

Enquiries: 0438311530

Lagoon at sunset, Lady Elliot Island.
Created By
Jane James