Biogeochemical Cycles Blake Graham

The Water Cycle

The water cycle (also known as the hydro-logic cycle) is the term to describe the process of water moving from the land and sky.

Chemical Reactions

2H2+O2 --> 2H20 | H+(Aq) + OH - (Aq) -> H2O

The Nitrogen Cycle

The biogeochemical cycle where nitrogen is changed into various chemical forms as it moves between the atmosphere, and terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

Chemical reactions

N2 -> NH4+ | NH4+ -> N03- | N03 -> N2 N02

Carbon Cycle

The biogeochemical cycle that carbon is exchanged between the biosphere, pedosphere, geosphere, and atmosphere.

Chemical Reactions

CO2+H2O -> C6H12O6 + O2 | CH4 + O2 -> CO2 + H2O + Energy

The Phosphorous Cycle

The biogeochemical cycle that describes the movement of phosphorous through the lithosphere hydrosphere and biosphere.

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