Pets of Greenhills

Ari Mistry | January 29, 2019

You may have heard of Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York, or even the Alcove segment Humans of Greenhills, but what’s the story with the animals of Greenhills? Students and teachers alike care for a huge community of pets, some of whom visit the school on a daily basis. Pets of Greenhills introduces some of the beloved pets in the Greenhills community.

* * *

How would you describe your pet’s personality?

This is Molière, Mr. Husson's French Bulldog

Mr. Husson: "Stubborn. He’s very stubborn. Umm, I don’t know! Demanding. He always wants attention. He always wants to be pet and cuddled. Um, yeah. Annoying at times. *Moliere stretches* Yeah. He does yoga."

This is Bailey, the Ruwende family's Labrador Retriever, pictured with Chichi Ruwende.

Chichi: Oh my gosh… she is the happiest, most loving dog, like, I’ve ever met. All she wants to do is like be around people, be touched by people, be pet. She’s also really really afraid of everything. Like, if you take her out to pee at night, and she hears leaves rustling, she’ll run to the door. If she sees other dogs that are bigger than her - or smaller than her honestly - she’ll run away. So, she’s really really sweet… and… a crybaby probably.

In the tank is Fernando, Harrison Hsu's beta fish.

Harrison: Um, he’s very aggressive. Like, *laughs* when specific people feed him, he won’t eat the food. And then, um, if you put your finger in the water he’ll like flare out his gills and try to fight you.

This is Oreo, Alina Bardwell's rabbit.

Alina: She’s very energetic. And really nice, and sweet. And… we’re just BFFs.

Does your pet have any strange habits?

Mr. Husson: Oh, [Molière] has so many strange habits. Uh, he always licks his paws. I have no idea why. He doesn’t have any allergy, he doesn’t have anything, he just loves licking his paws.

Chichi: [Bailey] really likes to sit underneath small spaces. So she’ll sit under chairs and sit next to tables and like, get inside boxes and try to get inside cupboards. It’s so cute.

Harrison: Yeah, [Fernando is] a very good swimmer. He doesn’t come up for air.

Alina: [Oreo] always sleeps on my bed. Um… what else? She eats blankets. She chews up clothes.

How are you and your pet alike?

"Oh! I don’t know about that. *Looks at Moliere* *Moliere looks back* I think we both have an ugly face."
This is Rhino, Alina's chameleon. Says Alina, "We both like to just hang around. He hangs from his trees."

What's your favorite memory with your pet?

"At Christmas a couple years ago we put a mini Santa hat on her. And it was really cute."
"Our first car ride home. I put him up on my dashboard. So he could see the world, you know?"
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