Nature Activity at FLMNH Good life

Introduction: I walked into the Florida Museum of Natural History, thinking that i had already seen "Nature-ey" things before, and that i was going to be unimpressed. I'm so glad that i was 100% wrong! The FLMNH is beautifully set up with fantastic displays and information that i was dying to read! The entire museum was interesting and fun, and the experience was like nothing i've ever done before because i learned so incredibly much! I walked out with new facts and a fun story to share with anybody willing to listen; for most of the time i forgot i was supposed to even be there for educational purposes and i ended up learning more than i ever have on a "school" trip.

Swamp/ Marsh

Nature on display: When exploring the museum, all exhibits were appealing, but for me i found animals the most appealing. My favorite display was a swampy/ marshy section because i didn't realize how little i knew about the subject. My attention was caught by the reality of it all, i couldn't believe how real everything that was depicted looked (I even asked one worker if this one particular owl was real and she actually laughed in my face--sorry for the tangent). The natural world in the swamp is actually so much more than we interpret it as. To me, being an original floridian means that i've been around swamps and marshes my entire life, and i've always associated them with being grotesque or unnecessary. Reading what i did, and looking closely at what all lives their was amazing because i was able to realize how important all the organisms that live their are and how much bugs and plants need some aspects of this terrain. I was able to basically fix this broken idea of this type of territory in my head and it was nice to learn something that i originally thought was so useless.

Nature and ethics: Standing next to something so magnificent makes you realize how small we are to nature, and how fantastic it is that we can find something like this.

Nature and Ethics: As i was traveling through the museum, I constantly said "wow" in my head, or "oh i didn't know that". They seem like such bland sayings, yet it's amazing to even yourself when you catch yourself internally exclaiming the same thing every 2 minutes. When i eventually tore my eyes away from all the displays and watched other people, i saw how equally amazed others were. They were pointing and gasping and telling their family and friends to look. The air around smelled like excitement and wonder. It was easy to sense a feeling of amazement and curiosity; everybody in the museum was their with one common purpose: to learn. Walking through the exhibits agrees with Leopold's view of appreciating the land for more than its economics because it we are taught about how nature does things and what it accomplishes, not what we can produce and accomplish through it. Some exhibits had auditory aspects to hear while others were hands on, and let you explore what something created or what may be underneath a certain tree trunk in certain areas. The museum definitely made me appreciate nature as itself and not what it can provide for me, which helps me to relate to what Leopold believed: that we must become a part of nature and learn to respect and love it.

Nature and Ethics: connecting to and exploring some organisms in their natural habitat. (Picture used with written permission of Kien Vu.)
Nature and the Human Spirit: Nature can seem to us like something that has always been there, yet we often fail to realize how majestic and mystical it is. For example, This plant is related to a venus flytrap and it traps its prey with a smell, then sucks it close to the whole (you can consider it a mouth of sorts). This plant hunts and traps other organisms for food to survive, just like us! But the difference? We actually have a brain, we have something that learns for us and tells us how or when t do things. Our brain tells us when we're hungry or when we're tired or when its good timing for something, but the plant does not. It survives off pure instinct and didn't even have to learn how. To me, that's pretty crazy and definitely mystical. Nature is instinctive and beautiful, and it puts us up o a pedestal. It is there for us in all our needs, almost anything we have a problem with can be looked into by nature. We are important, but sometimes we place ourselves as so much more important in nature and going to the FLMNH was nice because it made me realize who i am; nobody without nature. It forced me to realize that without nature, where would art be? Where would we be? Would we even be alive.? The museum helped me to step out of my ordinary life and realize how extraordinary it is with nature included.
Venus Flytraps

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