Me as a employee By daniel cruz

I really like gaming so I want to be a video game tester for a gaming website. I also want to test games for the fun of it so I can gain money so I can also pay for a house and pay bills so I won't get stressed out about bills in the future if I gain money and get a good job.

I am a person who like travel around the world and I am still going to travel when I am older. I also know some stuff about history and I need to learn more in that subject in school.

My favorite place to go is New York and London England. I also like to hang out with my dad a lot but he lives in London so I do get a lot of time with him and I can only see him in the summer.

I think weekends are the best time of the year because you do have school and can work all day on the weekends and you will not have to worry about school or homework but if you have a lot of homework on the weekends then you will have to finish the homework on the weekend and you will feel better you did it then leaving it off until the end of Sunday.


Saturday and Sunday is the best days of the year because you don't have to go to school on those days.


I really like to hang out with my friends and family on the weekends but this time I going to make a YouTube channel with my friend so I can get credit and money for being in his videos and also for telling him some ideas I had. I also want to gain money to pay for a house and also pay for bills.


I also want to meet these YouTubers but they live in los angales and I live in New York and It is really fair to get from New York to LA and the plane ride will cost a lot of money to get to where I live to where I want to go.


I also want to go to comic con conventions and meet other people there and talk about movie and games and also make new friends. I also want to comic con which is close to me, which will be in New York City so I can go there so I won't miss anything there like the simpsons new season or a new game.

Comic con convention

I also want to see at comic con is how people get there tv shows rolling every season and how they make the characters more thrilled then any other season of a tv show. Like video games coming out and new trailers for movies also coming out later.

Breaking Bad

I want to also go to universal studios in LA because my friends told me that it is really fun there but I did not see it with my eyes and if I do go there then I will visit the jaws part of the park, then I will see the back to the future part do the park and also I will finish of with the Et game and I will be done with the park.

Universal studios

I also want to go to Las Vegas to gamble and to gain more money that I lost in the process that I gain money. I also want to see the view in Las Vegas. I also want a o sleep in a hotel so I can see the view of Las Vegas but first I need money to pay for a plane fight to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Nevada

My favorite thing to do outside of school is to watch movies in movie theaters, run track and to read books like the hunger games and other books in the sci-fi, horror and fiction books. I also like to play a lot of video games and watch some horror movies like Saw or the Oujia movies.

Oujia movie poster
My school's track
Other hobbies that I like to do

I want to become a game tester so I can gain money to pay for a house and pay the bills when I get a house like the electric bill and the water bill.

I can also pay people to help me with my job which is becoming a YouTuber, also I can work at an office for my YouTuber job and get more and more money from YouTube then I pay for my self when I get old. I also want to get a family for myself so I will find a girl who is nice to me and I also want to have a daughter who will be nice to her dad which will be me.

If I have a really big office then I can get a large space for my YouTuber job and people can set at chairs and get to work on editing my videos.

I also want to look up to the people I hire and say get to work and to pay attention to their work. They can leave home early for their families. Also I can befriendly to them and get new friends by also helping them out with something.

I want to make a lot of friends when I get older and have someone to hang out with like the people on the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

I also like to workout in gyms for fun so I can loose weight and become healthy, also I can look good, so I can get a girl who likes me as me.


The jingle ball will be my first concert I ever been too in my life and it is this Friday. I also like concerts because you can look and listen to your favorite singers on a stage in real life not just on a tv screen or a video screen.

My favorite video games I like to play is sonic or Mario games now and some horror games. These games are fun because you can get exited to play the games with your friends and family, also you can smile with playing these games or get angry at these games because the frustration about forgetting to save your game and starting over from the beginning or losing all your life's in a game and getting a game over.

Games I play or know

I want to get a part-time job like a job at Walgreens so I when to the closest Walgreens and I applyed for a stock boy job so I can money for my first job with is becoming a YouTuber for my life in the future and become famous in the future.

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