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Local Government of Hobart

My Local Municipality

My Municipal Building in Hobart

2290 S. Pine Tree Rd. Hobart, WI 54155.

List Of issues from my local goverNment

1. Municipal court clerk recruitment update.

2. One particular home has an ongoing problem with clogged pipes.

3. Consider approval of village of Hobart social media policy.

4. Chief bani is committing with the OPD chief van boxtel and event planner Kelly McNally to work in these issue.

5. A resident has questions about these charges information was given to the resident.

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My choosen issue:

Clogged plumbing line: the home was identified and the pipe fixed, since this has happened before, the owner must pay for having the line cleaned out. I'm agree because it seems fair that owner should pay for a problem he or she caused. My solution is the first time pipes are clogged, the village should pay for cleaning them. If it happens again, the homeowner should pay.
Local map


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