Tattoos on the Heart Book Project Created By: Grant ReeVes

Preface and Introduction

The theme that I noticed was hope. I saw hope when Fr. Greg talked about what his book was going to be and the stories he told. I can relate hope to my life because I have to hope to achieve my goals and hope to do my best. The story that impacted me the most was the story about Fr. Greg's first burial of the identical twin. This story made me reflect on how lucky I am to live in a good community and have a great life. This story also made me think about how many gang stories I've seen in all my life.
Chapter 2 Dis-Grace

This chapters theme is disgrace. Within the chapter, it talks about people who do something wrong but then they try there hardest to do better. I can relate to distress because throughout life there are ups and downs and some of them make us disgraced but we can overcome this disgrace. My favorite story from the chapter is the story of Luis (Lula). This story jumped out to me because of his stacked odds against him and him overcoming them. To see a boy who was "special ed" have to try harder than everyone else just to do something simple is outstanding to see how hard he wants to succeed and become better.

Chapter 6 Jurisdiction

This chapters theme is acceptance. Within this chapter we see how people sometimes don't realize how great something is until its gone. We have to know that from this point forward, we are going to have to accept what's in store for us. I can relate to this theme because sometimes I don't always want to accept reality but I have to learn to accept what happens. My favorite story from this chapter was the story of Chepe and Richie. This really got me thinking about what it means to be uncomfortable and what people see in other people. People starred down Richie and Chepe just because they looked different and Richie and Chepe had to just accept the situation. This story shows how strong you can be in a tough situation.

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