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Sharon M. Draper

Born: August 21, 1984 - Present

Famous Work:

  • Out of My Mind
  • Forged By Fire
  • Copper Sun

Interesting Facts:

  • She has been invited at the White House 6 times
  • Honored National Teacher of the Year
  • She is allergic to Chocolate

Date Copper Sun was Written: January 1, 2008

Summary: Amari a village girl from Africa is taken from her home to become a slave. She travels through the Atlantic Ocean headed to the Carolinas only to be sold to a man named Mr. Derby. She will work on his plantation for the rest of her life. Polly, a white indentured girl, helps Amari throughout her time on the plantation by teaching her English and also the chores that need to be done. Later on, they find an opportunity to escape when Mr. Derby decides to sell them for "bad behavior" along with a boy named Tidbit which allows them to find their way back to freedom in Fort Mose.

Interesting Literary Facts:

  • Sharon M. Draper wrote this book because she is the granddaughter of a former slave
  • The book took 10 years to write due to the research for the accuracy of the historical events.
"I see power in you". Draper, 37

Quote Meaning: The quote signifies how with "power in you" you are able to conquer any obstacle that comes forth due to the hidden strength that is kept inside. This quote connects to Copper Sun because it shows how Afi recognizes the incredible strength that Amari has within herself to withstand the horrors that will soon come as a slave. This also foreshadows how Amari will not be conquered and will not let her spirit die.

Meaning to Me: With this quote, it signifies to me that everyone has strength within themselves that is yet to be discovered. However, only our true strength will shine through in order for us to succeed in the most difficult circumstances to show that with "power" you are able to conquer any obstacle in your path.

Application to Life: This quote can be applied to my life because by having strength within yourself you are able to triumph in the very situation that seems to be breaking you. Strength is also the motivation for me to keep moving forward and without it I would not be able to endure any difficult situation because I would not feel reassured that I would succeed in the circumstances.

Thematic Statement: Through power you can conquer any situation.

Picture Connection to Quotation: The picture connects to the quotation of "I see power in you" (Draper 37) by signify that the flower had enough power hidden within itself that it was able to grow through the concrete even though it seemed that it was an impossible situation.

Picture Connection to Book: The picture directly connects to the book because it compares the flower to Amari by showing how even though Amari went through many horrors of being a slave she was able to develop and prosper such as the flower with her hidden strength by overcoming the nearly impossible situations which is signified as the concrete.

Picture meaning to Me: This picture symbolizes to me how through power within oneself you are able to triumph through any difficulties that you may run into. I choose this picture because it clearly shows how one simple flower may seem weak to anyone but it was still able to grow through the concrete that seemed invisible because it contained a hidden strength within itself that no one knew it was capable of.


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