My Quotes by:Katie jewl

Our mind is like a flower, the bee is the knowledge that needs to pollinate our mind.
We all think we're dumb but, we are all unique in our own way.
A goal is like a target, we set one so we can hit it.
Our life is like a painting, we choose what colors to add.
When we have a problem, we just need the right shoes to fix it.
Our imagination is like a pencil, it have no limits to draw what we want
When we're born we have wings, we learn to fly as we get older.
Our life is like a river, there will be lots of twists and turns, but if we're lucky we can find a straight path
We are like a seedling we are always growing.
Our life takes lot of time and we need to patient to stay calm.

I understand that you might think these Quotes are ridiculous but there are a lot of people who think these are useful. Below is the most important quote of all time to me.

Life is like jumping off of a waterfall, its to short to not forgive the people that hurt you.

The quote above was meant for my friend Caden, Caden I'm sorry for what I did, can you forgive me?


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