Daniel's day day in, day out

Time flies when you are having fun, and life's too short to worry.

I'm always so busy! I never any free time. I'm usually at school in the morning, and I always study in the afternoon.

I don't go out with friends until after I do my homework, and lately it seems I always have homework.

There aren't any festivals in my country in June, but June is the beginning of summer and there are lots of things to do in the summer.

Go straight ahead. Turn right. No, don't turn left; turn right. Stop. Walk to the door. Open the door. Don't close it. Close your book. Look at me.

here, there, and everywhere!

ko samui is fantastic island. There aren't many cars, and you can relax completely. the restaurants and cofés are very friendly, and there is a lot of good food. Sometimes there are traditional dances.

live a green lifestyle.

I'm in school. I'm studying robotics. Oh, you're not eating your hamburger. Do you want something different?

You have talent!

Sally is a great chef. And she can cook French food. Ryan speaks very quickly and very quietly. When she cooks he doesn't say much but he eats a lot.

shopping around

Patrice: hey, what about these shoes?

Sasha: No, those are really old.

patrice: well, what about those shoes over there

Let's eat!

Lisa needs apples and sugar to make a pie.

Anne can't have butter on her toast.

William is planning to have meat, potatoes, and vegetables for diner.


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