What is your favorite Oreo? Oreo vs oreo

My favorite kind of Oreo is the good old fashioned regular Oreo.

Of course the Oreos I like to eat are not single stuffed. They have to be Double Stuf!

I think that they are the best because back when I was a child, there was only one kind of Oreo.

When someone asks me now, "What kind of Oreos should we get for the party?" My first thought is, "Is there any other kind other than the Original?" I think about it for a second and I realize, sadly, there are other kinds! I laugh at myself for a second and remember all of the parties I went to growing up and all of the good times after school on Fridays watching T.G.I.F while I dunked my Double Stuf Oreos into a chilled glass of fresh milk. Growing up just didn't get any better than that!

Memories of slumber parties at Nancy Kerr's house watching movies like, "Happy Gilmore" or "Clueless" while trying to eat a lot of Oreos without everyone noticing that I was eating them all; those were the days!

They have created an innumerable amount of Oreos, different flavors for different seasons, but looking back on nostalgia, the Original Double Stuf will always have my heart!


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