Peer Tutoring May's class period 9

Adell Pursell

Over the course of the semester, I have spent a lot of time with Adell. Sometimes stubborn, sometimes sassy, but always genuine, I've really enjoyed spending time with her. Adell is not afraid to be herself and that's something I really admire. Unlike many people I know, there is no subterfuge with Adell and when she doesn't like something that's happening or she thinks something should happen differently, she speaks up and acts out about it.

Matt Leachman

Every class period, I helped Matt with his lunch, and often times I walked him to the nurse too. Through this, I really got to know him.

Matt is super funny and has a great sense of humor, too. He doesn't like doing worksheets much (who does?!?) but he always seems to brighten up at and after lunch time. I've found that I am often able to tell when he's not feeling well, though, and Matt has reminded me time and time again that not all communication starts and ends with speech.


For about the first month to knew Jarod I assumed that he was always happy. He just seemed to be smiling all the time and he was always doing something goofy. As the semester progressed, though, Jarod seemed to get into more and more bad mood. He reminded me that people are usually putting up a front, and that people with a personality like Jarod are usually trying to make other people happy before themselves. I usually try to help hi when he's having a rough time, but I'm glad that Jarod is still most of the time happy and goofy!

More pictures and students
I love walking KC to class after STaR. I think he's gotten used to me, but he always used to tell me to "go away" yet he'd follow me or let me follow him anyway! He's a great listener, he just doesn't want anyone to know that.
Matt Weiske is so polite! He's always coming up to me to ask something. Like Adell, though, he lets you know when he doesn't like something, and like Matt Leachman he taught me how to listen when no one is talking.
Sierra is so cute...and always trying to get one over on me! She loves playing games of her own creation and I love how excited she gets about things.

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