Redcliffe Bascule Bridge My heart lives here

Completed in 1942, the Redcliffe Bascule Bridge is my favourite bridge in all of Bristol. With a clearance of 3.6 meters, it's a rarity that the bridge is raised for vessels today. The Control Room is now mostly used for art exhibitions, in conjunction with the Arts Development Team at Bristol City Council.

Redcliffe is my home in Bristol so I've crossed this bridge many times as a pedestrian and a handful of times as a passenger on Bristol Ferry Boats and on Bristol Packet's Bagheera, on my way to Beese's Tea Gardens.

For me, this bridge will always hold a special place in my heart. It was on this bridge in 2011, I stopped to gather myself and realize where I was and the journey I had just braved on my own. I had never travelled overseas before and on this first flight I had gotten horribly ill so, by the time I arrived in Bristol I was exhausted, frustrated because I couldn't check into my hotel for another few hours, hungry, and overly stressed.

Having dropped my luggage off at the hotel office to hold, I just started wandering aimlessly and I ended up crossing the Redcliffe Bascule Bridge not really knowing where I was going. There's something about the water that made me stop. Water calms me like nothing else so seeing the water made me feel like I could breathe and relax.

I was here. I had made it. I had made it all on my own! I'm in BRISTOL!

It was here, on this bridge, that I realized just how brave I could be and where my love affair with Bristol began. I was so happy I was here! So this is why you'll hear me say, "my heart is on this bridge"....because it more ways than one ;)

Top Ten things I love about Redcliffe

  1. The Redcliffe Bascule Bridge (of course)
  2. Thursday nights listening to St. Mary Redcliffe bells
  3. Proximity to everything
  4. The Ostrich Inn (say hello to Doris the skeleton!)
  5. "My bench" (aka the bench I like to sit on at Redcliffe Wharf)
  6. Marco's Olive Branch
  7. Harbouside walk (when it's open)
  8. Temple Gardens
  9. Ye Shakespeare
  10. The Caves
BS1 Love <3
“Home isn't where you're from, it's where you find light when all grows dark.” ~ Pierce Brown
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Monique Gionet


Monique Gionet

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