The Old Bakery and Emporium presents five strong women

Shannon Fannin, Brenda Armistead, Christy Stallop, Stephanie Estrin, & Rhea Pettit

Shannon Fannin

"I want my work to connect with people of all ages, ethnicities, and walks of life. We all have a connection to vehicles. When my works speak to others and they share stories about cars, motorcycles, or other forms of transportation, I know I’ve done my job right".

Shannon Fannin is a realist vehicle painter that uses a combination of abstraction and photorealism to bring cars, motorcycles, and other forms of transportation to life. She has been a professional artist since February 2015.

"1956 Ford Thunderbird", "1956 Cadillac Coupe Deville", & "1957 Pink Chevrolet Bel Air"

She was a corporate marketing director, and then left that to become a mother. She homeschooled our son for 16 years and also had a state licensed daycare and mural business.

"1916 Harley Davidson"

Shannon has shown her art in national and international exhibitions, international publications, podcasts, blogs, and television.

Brenda Armistead

Brenda at EAST 2019
"I am Brenda Armistead, a local sculptor and functional ceramic artist, creating "Absurdly Expressive Clay" in my home studio. Mostly self-taught, I read, study videos, and seek out training with great clay sculptors for guidance and technique. I have followed my intuition, steadily developing my skills for about ten years. This pursuit led me to expressive portrait and narrative animal sculpture. It is my goal to create work that connects with viewers and stirs their feelings for the better".
"Merekara", "Lost Soul", and "Peafoul's Foul Mood"

Brenda Armistead’s animal and fantasy-inspired sculptures each tell a visual story while striving to comfort, amuse, and intrigue the viewer.

"Mermaid's Mental Health Day" and "Clytie's Bad Romance"
"Shelter in Place"

Brenda's sculpture and larger dishes are not always listed on Etsy due to postage costs, but she will be glad to arrange sale and shipment if you wish. Her durable tableware is dishwasher, microwave, and oven-safe. She uses only lead-free glazes.

Christy Stollop

Born and raised in El Paso, her work is greatly influenced by the west.
"The title High Five is a celebration of five emerging women artists. Our style and subject matter vary greatly, but our goal is the same. We strive to learn, grow, and work towards excellence."
"The Three Mariachis" and "Three Amigos"

Influenced by design and balance, her work often shifts perspective into unique directions. Christy’s primary focus is creating work that delights and elevates the mood of the viewer.

"Rose Colored Glasses"
"I’ve been painting off and on for my entire life. Four years ago I took a sabbatical from teaching and started to focus on a career in the arts".
"WMCA" and "Duo"
"What is my training? Trial and error, mostly error has been my biggest teacher. I have a BA in Art Education but that didn’t allow for high level art courses. Daily painting as well as studying other artist’s work helps me improve on my technique and develop my own personal style".

Stephanie Estrin

"My work explores color, shape, and the relationship of human nature and emotion that I capture on canvas to create a visual story. With the use of layered paint and transparencies in my compositions, I seek to provide depth to entice the viewer to look closer under the surface in order to be delighted or intrigued by what they see".
" Good Tranquility" and Good Vibrations"
'My biggest motivation in creating art is connection. To me, painting is about connecting to my inner self and to the viewer. I am fully present and what emerges is a spontaneous eruption of color and form that leaves me with a child-like wonder and excitement. With the use of color, I strive to make statements through my art that are positive and uplifting; providing my viewer a glimpse into my world. I enjoy exploring color to provoke emotional responses and expression'.

Her work explores her inner landscape of thoughts and feelings that she works out onto the canvas. Her art is characterized by vibrant colors, contrasting values, and bold compositions.

"Heart Flutters"

Stephanie exhibits her art in group and juried exhibitions in the greater Austin area as well as in online exhibitions. Her work is collected throughout the U.S and internationally.

"Smoldering Embers" and " Sweet Dreams"
"I enjoy exploring color to provoke emotional responses and expression".

Rhea Pettit

"I explore the beauty and connection between people, other species, and nature".
"A consistent thread through my works is the concept that we are connected to each other, to other species, and to the natural world. I often paint dual portraits, combining 2 people, or people/other animals".
"Photobombing Klimt: and Photobombing Schiele"
"My subjects are mostly people and animals; they inspire me. I'm also inspired by contemporary masters, as well as the great masters (Sargent and Zorn are 2 favorites) who came before us".
"Purple Majesty"

Realist figurative painter Rhea Pettit explores the beauty and connection between people, other species, and nature. Something that at first seems incongruous actually makes sense upon deeper reflection.


Her preferred medium is oil, and favorite subjects are people and animals. Her style is realism, sometimes loose and painterly, sometimes more tightly rendered. Part of her practice is painting from life regularly, because it improves her skills in observation.