STAGE 1 (Years 1&2) TERM 1 NEWSLETTER, 2019

Welcome to the new school year at anzac park public school!

The Stage 1 teachers are looking forward to a wonderful year of innovative teaching and learning across all curriculum areas. We have developed a range of dynamic and integrated learning experiences to enhance and foster 21st Century learning skills for all our students.

Conceptual learning

This term, Anzac Park will be using consistent concepts across K-6 while every class explores the Big Question, 'How did we come to be?' Below is an outline of the content Stage 1 will be examining this term.

Our big question for this term is, 'How did we come to be?'

what's on - term 1, 2019

  • Thursday 7 February: Meet the Teacher Night
  • Wednesday 20 February: Years 2-6 Swimming Carnival
  • Monday 18 February: Stage 1 Parent Workshop (8:30-9:30am)
  • Friday 22 February: Welcome BBQ
  • Monday 1 - Friday 5 April: Three Way Conferences Week
  • Friday 12 April: Anzac Day Assembly


Students in Stage 1 will participate in PDHPE lessons and grade sport. Please ensure your child wears their sport uniform on the following days:

  • Emerald: Monday (PDHPE) & Thursday (Year 1 Sport)
  • Forest: Thursday (PDHPE & Yr 1 Sport)
  • Jungle: Monday (PDHPE) & Thursday (Year 1 Sport)
  • Jade: Wednesday (PDHPE) & Thursday (Year 1 Sport)
  • Sapphire: Monday (PDHPE) & Tuesday (Year 2 Sport)
  • Ocean: Thursday (PDHPE) & Tuesday (Year 2 Sport)
  • Denim: Wednesday (PDHPE) & Tuesday (Year 2 Sport)


Stage 1 students will require their library bags on the following days:

  • Emerald: Monday
  • Forest: Wednesday
  • Jungle: Thursday
  • Jade: Jade 15- Thursday, Jade 16- Tuesday
  • Sapphire: Tuesday
  • Ocean: Monday
  • Denim: Tuesday


Concept - Point of View & Perspective

This term, Stage 1 students will explore the concept 'Point of View and Perspective'. Point of view in a text is the position from which the subject matter of a text is designed to be perceived. Perspective is a lens through which we learn to see the world; it shapes what we see and the way we see it. Exploring point of view and perspective will allow students to explore other ways of understanding a text.

Stage 1 students will also engage in data-driven phonics and sight word learning experiences.

Students will participate in daily literacy groups to foster and develop their skills in reading, writing, spelling and vocabulary.

HOME reading

Each Stage 1 student should be reading for at least 10 minutes per night. This can include a mix of home readers and quality literature, and consist of parent reading, student reading and reading together. For helpful information on supporting your child during home reading (including building comprehension), please follow the links below:

For more information on the Anzac Park PS Home Learning policy, please follow the link below:


Concept - Part-Part Whole

In Mathematics, Stage 1 students will develop their mathematical skills through the lens of 'Part-Part Whole'. Part-part whole relationships involve seeing mathematical concepts as being made of two or more parts.

Through differentiated learning experiences, Stage 1 students will explore place value, develop strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and examine fractions as parts of a whole. Students will participate in hands-on learning experiences to measure and compare different areas, volumes and capacities, as well as conduct chance experiments.

Students will develop their number sense and mathematical fluency through daily number talks. Numeracy concepts and skills will be reinforced through targeted weekly numeracy groups. For tips on supporting your child in numeracy, please follow the link below:


Concept - Change & Continuity

Through our History unit, Stage 1 students will explore the concept of 'Change and Continuity'. Change refers to the way things develop over the course of history in a new or unique way. Continuity refers to like patterns throughout the course of history, or the way that two events or themes are similar.

Stage 1 students will explore the various aspects of change and continuity in their local community. They will analyse sources to determine significant remains of the past. Students will examine how changes in technology have shaped our daily lives.


Concept - Perspective

Stage 1 students will be using the elements of drama and visual arts to explore different artist's perspectives and communicate their own points of view.

In visual art, students will experiment with different forms to create artworks that convey subject matter from their own experiences. In drama, students will convey stories and characters by experimenting with the various elements of drama.


Concept - Change

In PDHPE, students will be exploring how an understanding of 'Change' can be used to improve their involvement in physical games. They will examine the many ways that they grow and change over time.

For more information on the NSW Primary Syllabuses, please follow the link below:

The Stage 1 teachers are excited for a terrific year of learning. We look forward to working with you and your child throughout 2019!

Should you have any further questions, please contact your child's key teacher or our Stage 1 Assistant Principal: Cassie Hide (cassie.hide2@det.nsw.edu.au)

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