Roundabouts How Liberty can save time and lives


Roundabouts help prevent accidents from happening and people from being hurt.

Well sure, but why does this particular intersection at Liberty need a roundabout?

As you can see, the two side roads have stop signs, but the main road off of Wards Road does not. During heavy traffic this road has near constant flow on it providing no time for either side to turn onto the main road causing hold ups sometimes over 20 minutes long.

Okay, but why is that dangerous?

People waiting for long periods of time can become upset that they are still waiting and make bad decisions that would often involve a high speed crash.

Okay, sure, but are those few accidents worth the cost of a new roundabout?

Yes, the reason for that is because accidents that happen in roundabouts are almost always less dangerous and deadly than in regular intersections. The picture on the left is a fender bender, the type of accident that might occur in a slow speed shallow angle crash in a roundabout. The image on the right is that of what a 90 degree high speed crash could result in, which is what would likely happen in the traditional intersection.


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