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Background: the Kansas Nebraska Act was passed in 1855, allowing residents of Kansas vote enter the Union as a free or slave state. However this caused many problems due to Border Ruffians (pro-slavery men from Missouri) crossing the border to influence the vote.

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Due to the issue of slavery here in Kansas, there has been violence between the Jayhawkers and Bushwackers.

Jayhawkers: anti-slavery in Kansas

Bushwackers: pro-slavery in Missouri

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On August 21, Quantrill, the Missouri leader for pro-slavery, and his 1,000 men entered Lawrence, an abolitionist headquarter, at 5 AM. The guerillas went on a killing spree, killing all male adults they saw, but leaving woman and children. 150-200 residents of Lawrence were killed, more than 100 houses burned, and a ton of damage to businesses. 1.5 million dollars of damage was done in just the 4 hour time span that the raid took. Only 1 of Quantrill's men was killed.

• • •

In response to the Lawrence Raid, John Brown, a strong abolitionist, and his sons killed 5 innocent pro-slavery settlers along the Potawatomie Creek, giving the massacre its name.

• • •

John Brown Interview:
  • Q: Why do you feel so strongly about being an abolitionist?
  • A: “I have only a short time to live, only one death to die, and I will die fighting for this cause. There will be no peace in this land until slavery is done for."
  • Q: Why did you handle your revolt against the Lawrence Raid in such a gruesome way?
  • A:“I, John Brown am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with blood.”
  • Q: Do you others every warm you to take a more cautious approach to this issue?
  • A: “Caution, Sir! I am eternally tired of hearing that word caution. It is nothing but the word of cowardice!”

• • •

Through all hope, we shall stand together and fight to be a free state.

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