SeeSaw: Construction Monitoring What's Your Puzzle?

Let's Look at the Construction of Household Water Meters

The process of transitioning old household water meters to new remote controlled ones can be a complicated process involving a handful of parties:

There are a lot of moving parts here!

The contractor needs to determine which households require upgrades, and will subsequently need to approve the installations and assign job tickets to plumbers. Plumbers need to know which households to upgrade and where they are located. And of course, the contractor will also want to know whether the upgrades are actually performed or if any unforeseen issues have arisen.

Wouldn't it be great if all of this could happen in real-time -- preventing long-lasting delays and unnecessary expenditure of money and resources?

This is where SeeSaw comes in.

Our system is an excellent way to "map" which households need upgrades; to "assign" job tickets to plumbers; and to "track" the completion of upgrades.

A card for each household's meter is created, and as new information is collected, new pieces of the puzzle are added -- pieces that anyone can retrieve or dispense in a variety of ways, no matter what day or what time.

So what sort of information is in a piece of the puzzle? And how can it be collected?

SeeSaw: Household Mapping

Before any meters can be upgraded, information on each household must be collected. Fortunately for the contractor, its employees use SeeSaw Android application to map each household.

Meet James. He works for the contractor and is tasked with using SeeSaw application to collect household information -- from homeowner details to GPS coordinates to information on the location of the meter to even estimated costs of installation. Fortunately for James, SeeSaw app integrates with information already in the contractor's system, including data on cost structures, allowing cost estimates to be made automatically.

So what happens next?

SeeSaw: Approval & Dispersal

Every time James uses SeeSaw app to indicate that a household 'needs upgrade,' Bill, another employee of the contractor, automatically receives a notification (via email, SMS, Trello, or another more favourable mechanism).

Bill uses his own version of the SeeSaw app to pull up information (the 'puzzle pieces') on which households 'need upgrades.' Using the app, Bill can approve the upgrades and seamlessly create job tickets assigned to plumbers.

So the job has been assigned to the plumber. What happens next?

As soon as Bill makes a new job ticket for Johnny, he gets an SMS notifying him of his new job. Johnny can pull out his own version of SeeSaw app where he is able to source information on his new job (its location, household details, and notes on where the meter can be found), including picture taken by James (who mapped the household earlier!).

Rather than fill out information using pen and paper...

Johnny can record information using SeeSaw app, including unforeseen issues that arise as well as pictures indicating the completion of his work.

But the app doesn't stop there

Assigning jobs is great. But it's also important to make sure jobs are actually completed.

SeeSaw is here to help you.

So what else does SeeSaw do?

SeeSaw can put all your "puzzles" (i.e. households) in a map, helping you track the completion of upgrades or spot anomalies and inconsistencies.

Or, can place them in Airtable or Trello to assist in organising the assignment and completion of job tickets.

Of course, you can also receive this information via SMS or email, or other methods and mechanisms that you already use.

For more information about SeeSaw, email us at info.greenseesaw.com.


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