JFK Assassanation By:Clare Stephan

JFK assassination was it Lee Harvey Oswald or CIA? There are some people that believe that Oswald did it. Others believe the CIA did or that it was a government cover up. Oswald had the gun, but the CIA had the reasons to do it though. The JFK assassination is one of the most interesting conspiracies that has haunted Americans for 53 years.


Many people believe that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK. Lee Harvey Oswald had Marine training which would have given him an advantage for the shot that most people could not do. Oswald had even attempted suicide after he was let go from the Marines. When Oswald left for Dallas he left a note for his wife on how to deal with his death or arrest. One week before the assassination Oswald had ordered a rifle. Before JFK left for Dallas the secret service were on their toes because there were some concerns of the Kennedy's safety. Crowds lined up along the streets to meet the Kennedys. People heard a gunshot, but thought it was a firecracker. Almost everyone did not realize that it was JFK and that he had been shot. The Bullet hit JFK in the head. After the shot Jackie had grabbed parts of JFK’s brain that had shot out of his head. Jackie held onto those pieces as they sped off to Parkland Memorial Hospital.When they got to the hospital JFK immediately went into surgery and after 10 minutes in surgery JFK was pronounced dead. When JFK died they let Jackie in to see him. She cried as she switched the rings on their fingers. When she finished switching the rings Jackie went straight to Air Force One where Lyndon B. Johnson and his wife were waiting for her. While JFK was in the hospital police emptied the Dallas Book Depository, where Oswald worked. He was not there and was immediately wanted by police. He was found by an officer, and Oswald shot the officer and killed him. He was found 30 minutes later in a movie theater where he was arrested. Later that night Oswald told police that JFK was not the target. It was actually the governor of Texas John Connally. It was two days later, while being brought to county jail for safety when people all around the country saw Jack Ruby shoot Oswald in the stomach. Oswald was rushed to the hospital where he died only 10 feet away from where JFK had died.


Many people also believe that the CIA did it. Today the CIA is heading in a different direction and is even willing to raise a few question about whether Lee Harvey Oswald did or it was something else. One retired agent in the CIA that had worked the JFK case came out and said they had nothing on Oswald. They just arrested him because he had the shot and he had a gun, when they took everyone out of the building he wasn’t there. There wasn’t even any recent fingerprints on the gun. Many agents today have tried to reopen the case, so that Americans don’t have to constantly keep asking questions. Like if Oswald did it or it was something else. When the case was closed it was immediately marked SECRET/NOFORN. Which means that it is not to be shared with foreign governments or outside the agency. This leads people to believe that there is something else going on that no one is going to tell anyone. After Oswald was shot there was still a court date to see if a innocent man died or a killer had died. When the leader of the CIA, at that time, was called to the stand he said that there was no evidence to convict Oswald, but the judge just wanted to put it all in the past, so the judge ruled Oswald guilty. As soon as Oswald was convicted his family was contacted that he was found guilty. When word got out that Oswald was convicted people were super relieved that JFK’s official killer was caught and killed. Soon after people started to look into the assassination themselves to see what they could find and if it was true. There was a lot of good points made during this time one of them being that Oswald would have to be an expert shooter to be able to make that shot. If wasn’t an expert shooter he could have shot something or someone else. Which is what he did because JFK was not the original target. It was in fact it was actually former Governor John Connally. Oswald had not agreed with what John was doing in Texas he thought it was making Texas want to do something new. Something that would change America. No one knows what Oswald was upset about because he never told anyone. It was so bad though that he thought that the only to do was kill him.

What I Believe

I believe a little bit of both theories. Like that the CIA was watching Oswald closer than they said and that the CIA held evidence. My theory is that Oswald had shot the gun but he was not aiming for JFK. He was aiming for the governor. I think that Oswald had a reason to kill the governor, but it was a really bad reason. Oswald may have killed him but the CIA knew that something was going to happen but they did nothing about it. When the case was over the leader of the CIA was interviewed about the case he was very nervous during the interview. Mainly because the interview was all about the JFK case. If he had not held evidence he would not have been so nervous. That's the thing he was very nervous. During the interview he had ignored some of the questions that had to deal with the conspiracy theories that it wasn’t Lee Harvey Oswald. When the interview was over people could see the signs of relief that the interview was over and he wouldn’t be asked about it anymore. After a few more years in the CIA the leader retired. He had done a lot, but the thing he is most famous for was the assassination and its conspiracy theories. When he retired even more theories rose whether he dirty or not. The government never commented on what some people though they just thought that what happened happened and there is nothing to change that. If there was they might do something about. When the CIA finally started questioning what happen it had half a century after JFK’s death. When this happened it came out slowly that they were thinking. When everything came out the media went crazy. Saying that it must be true something else was going on. The government has said nothing about the assassination since that happened. I think it is because they don't want that happening again. If the government ever says something else they will probably reopen the case. Which is why they won’t and if they do people will go crazy

The JFK assassination is one of the most interesting conspiracy that haunts america to this day. This is one of the biggest moment in history that still has no official answer. While writing this paper it opened my eyes to what some people really think. People need to know this stuff so that if they are not sure what to believe. Which theory do you believe.

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